(very very WIPpy)

Al'Hedsit - "The carpet too hard, I'll just sit on my head instead." No road to this tower upon the High Ankles, as the mages use flying carpets and don't like to be bothered. Too much sitting on their own heads turned them into asshats XD

Armbury - The fortress of the spineless knights. "Whom did you call spineless? Don't be an asshole unless you wanna taste our iron fists!"

Beltimore - Some gypsy caravans here, fortune-telling lads rubbing their shiny balls to see what's cumming. "I had fold-seen that!!"

Benduti - Carefree beach-dwellers. Should be more careful sometimes and stay away from that cursed Limbobo river.

Celestia - Just angels dancing with their halo-hoops.

Centaboon - A lil centaur neighborhood.

Elbend - The elves are all here. Big emerald lovers. Will dance to your tune and bend to your will for an emerald.

Foldale - Here we have a lil harbor village and a boysion, I mean mansion, containing a large collection of contortion art, including rare pieces pirated from over the sea.

Fungaard - A dummy for all the baby witches... er, I mean the best Witchery School there is!! A lot of sexy mushroom hunting around.

Mount Hardy - The mount of the stone foldems, I mean golems. They're always rock hard to see you XD

Snowberia - The palace of the Snow Angel. A cool place, very ice.

Skinnirim - The Rich Lich's castle where they make an army of zombees and zombends, primarily of Benduti origin. "Spiiiiiinezzzz..."

Falaerin: "Wait, is that emeralds in your swamp??"
Lichard: "Yeah. Cum and get it, elf."

Suppleham - A nudie farm. "You like my melons? I grew them by myself."

T'high-hai - Those barbendian savages.

© Ideas by TK and me