Young Hercules 2

Part 2 with 2 braids and 2 belts! Time to start talking some serious bee's knees! 😎

So after two hours of intense abdominal workout, Dmitri's burning hot muscles are immediately crushed by two extra tight belts. Unlike the rest of his muscles that are allowed to grow bigger after training, the abs are only warmed up in order to force them into a extra tight cincher that will be worn until the abs cool down. "We use the muscle memory to reshape the body," as his waist training instructor loves to joke.

Once the workout is finished, Dmitri goes for his daily tight-belted swimming practice in the lake but as usual once his t-shirt and shorts are off, it quickly turns into a photo session for the next 20 minutes until he's finally allowed to take a swim. That delay's in no way a hindrance because good posing skills are crucial in bodybuilding and there's much to improve while studying the pictures later!

(c) Dmitri belongs to WWL (a.k.a. WaspWaistLover)
These ideas were inspired by WWL's stories and some of our talks.