Young Hercules

A tribute to WWL (a.k.a. WaspWaistLover), who doesn't need an introduction if you're a member of DeviantArt and you happen to share the fetish for tight belts, you've probably already seen his comments more than once around DA.

But there's more to WWL's activity as a... well, wasp waist lover XD In their gallery don't let the thumbnails confuse you, behind each one you will actually discover quality stories about a whole family of relatives who are proud of their muscled and/or voluptuous bodies but even more so of their extremely well trained waistlines, often constricted to the size of their necks and still not having enough!

Although originally focused on female characters, soon WWL's universe took an uncommon twist -- not just daughters but also sons become heavily inspired by their wasp-waisted mothers! And that's how I discovered WWL's character Dmitri, a teenager still making his first baby steps in this community of wasp waist lovers.

So I decided to design Dmitri in 3D and for the sake of variety I put his hair in a braid because his beautiful long hair deserves some tightness too! :D

So here's a task for Dmitri to pose for a Polaroid snapshot in the late 1970s. WWL's universe is set roughly between the hippie times and the "Conan the Barbarian" boom, ok? XP

From the memoires of the Swede giantess, Astrid (Dmitri's coach):

His physique was hardly typical for his age, with very broad shoulders, muscular arms and legs with a broad back tapering down to the smallest midsection I had ever seen on a male of his size. In fact, on very few females, for that matter!

I put the heroically built teenager on a strict course of abdominal discipline, only relaxing it on the days of heavy strength training. In a very short time my young abdominal discipline student was comfortable wearing stout leather belts pulled down to a mere one foot around inside the belt. But neither myself nor Dmitri were satisfied with even this level of constriction. Less than a month afterwards the increasingly V shaped young Hercules was able to bear a fetish neck collar around his microscopic middle pulled down to less than 11 inches!!

His insides, especially his digestive organs, had become so used to tremendous compression and concomitant pressure that they easily slid into different places upwards and downwards within his abdomen.*

At least for a short time he bore such extreme compression, he must have been not a fraction bigger around than his Cousin Missy! But even Dmitri was glad to be eventually released from THAT insane waist choker!!!

The original full version of the story:
Astrid Makes Dmitri as Small as Missy

* This paragraph is originating from a different story:
Now It's YOUR Turn, Dmitri!

© Both the character and the quoted text belong to WWL