Young Champion (WIP)

Another acroboy and his trainer ^^ Something I was inspired to draw after doing this picture:

When in the 2020s contortion became an official sport, the quality of training world-wide significantly increased. Contortionists were no longer trained by their moms, or by some spontaneous enthusiasts, or (God forgive) completely on their own. Now they were trained by professional coaches. These coaches weren't ex-contortionists themselves, quite the contrary, they were massive and strong, but they studied for 3 years to be qualitifed as contortion trainers, and that was their primary speciality.

As a sport, contortion leaped far above the circus level, and this sport introduced a whole big list of world records dedicated to flexibility. This boy, Yasha, who is from the far east of Russia, has been famous already for two years for his record-breaking oversplit.

Russia as we know has been the champion in rhythmic gymnastics for decades, and nobody was surprised when it smoothly became the leader in acrocontortion. China has always been the second strongest, but very often outdoing Russia and becoming the first, but Chinese gymnasts were coming and going way too quickly, while Russia could show off the same good gymnast sometimes for a decade.

Yasha is from Ussuriysk, the city in Russia that is only 60 km (37 mi) away from the border between Russia and China. His father is Chinese and his mother is Russian. In his youngest years contortion was more and more often on the telly, so five years old Yasha quickly got captivated by it, he'd often lay on the floor and touch the back of his head with his own feet, and he'd call his parents to see it. His father was a contortion fan and decided to help his son, thus young Yasha learned to touch the back of his head to his butt in just two weeks, and he was so happy about it that it was decided he's going to study contortion in the specialized school that focused on sports, and maybe one day he'd become famous for his talent.

Indeed it happened and now, after more than a decade of studying contortion, Yasha is an often guest on morning talk shows and various talent shows, a golden Olympic medalist and a young celebrity. In his youth, his idol was the Russian contortionist Alexey Goloborodko, and Alexey's poses always inspired Yasha to work on his own. After Yasha's success in training, his coach became his personal trainer and since then they've always been travelling together.

As you can see, he's quite a camera whore and happy to demonstrate his record-breaking oversplit at any time to his fans, the media or general public. It's not a problem for him because to preserve this extraordinary motion range of his legs he has to stretch for at least 10 minutes every hour anyway, so why not stretch in front of the public.

He measures the angle between his legs very carefully in the evening to make sure he hasn't lost a single degree, and he's rejoiced when he finds out that he even made a little progress. Whenever the media inquires about his plans, he always says his sole plan is to take his legs much, much further. He says that jokingly, but his trainer confirms this objective, and his trainer is a very serious man.