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You Can't Win Against Me!

Ufologists warn about the hyperflexible aliens called "Celestials" known for kidnapping humans and using them in their body modification experiments! Will the human race stand a chance!?

This illustration was drawn and contributed by A.F.

A.F.'s comment:

... a game between two Celestials, the alien dudes who love to make all kind of living objects, using rigid material from planet "Earth" (aka humans). Why?... why not? XD

After all, who doesn't want a soft and self warming chair, or a giggling pillow, or moving game board pieces, yes, all that are just simple things for Celestials, but they like simple things. Of course the new forms they give to the rigid material is not for mere utilitarianism (if that word can be used here... perhaps not, but I'm going to use it, so, if not, just ignore it ;/) but also as an artistic process, after all, Celestials love to make their own objects mostly for decoration and pleasure, playing with new designs, and adding their personal touch. So, one could see a variety of preferences, from more "rustic" pieces of furniture with a (more or less) basic humanoid form, to more "extreme improvements", impossible to recognize as a human (which technically they still being).

And for the objects, well, they are objects, but even if their opinions don't really matter, with enough time, all of them actually start to enjoy they new purpose ;D

Hope you like! :3 You can also find this work here:


#Art by A.F. #alien #contortion #waist cinching
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