🐇 Yoga Bunny

How to scratch your back without interrupting your meditation 😏

What do you think? 😄
Oh such a balance! You can make even "simple" standing look like mirraculous feat :) Fluffy rascal may even like some gentle spanking on his bunny butty :)) Will watch more and add something smart for a change - I hope - and catch up on other great images and stories!
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Yeah I wonder if he can really get his foot there while keeping the balance and his arms spread out. Spanking I'm sure is more than welcome, but as you said, gentle 😏 Read more
Wonderful! Love to see it! Read more
Thank you! Very glad you enjoyed! 😊 Read more
Another great piece Yuni. Leslie looks kind of like Yoga Flocke from behind.
The scenery is beautifully picturesque, and Leslie's centerfold contortion is just as absorbing. How exalted he must feel, like Petrarch atop the mountain. Thanks for another memorable work. Read more
Very glad that you enjoyed it so much! I was listening to some music when this video randomly popped, I thought wow this looks really cool and wanted to try making a similar scene:
And since I wanted to make more of Leslie at the moment, this is how he got into yoga XD I also think in the video it could be his liberal mom who got him into yoga... Read more
Lovely piece and composition. I take it the overall flair is styled after a vintage photo, about what era? Feels like a 70s camera. Read more
Thank you so much! I wasn't after the 70s camera look but thought the colors just looked good, I wanted to make it look like a photo you could find in real life. Read more
love this so much! have you ever thought about hiring a story writer to accompany all your drawings? i'd love to do that Read more
Thanks but I really value my freedom and the feeling that I owe absolutely nothing to anyone at any given time. I prefer to keep things free and simple, but I'm very glad that you enjoyed my works so much. Read more
Wonderful image! Love ❤️ the pose and setting ! Lovely Bunny Boi 💕 Read more
Very glad you liked! 😊 Read more
If Iam understanding from comments right entire landscape including stones and hills is your work? If yes then you are beyond praise. I thought background is real photo and "standing" stone is your creation. But whatever is the case as other fan pointed out, colors are "nostalgic / " autumn"ish". Giving whole "bunny" idea whole deeper meaning. Leslie is doing something important to him somewhere, all alone, free... i can almost smell clear air!
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Ohh and I wanted to pointed out small "icon" as well it is so cute this time :-) Read more
The tail and ears are such nice touches!!! Read more
So glad you enjoyed them! :D Read more
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