👑 Yes, Your Majesty

Part 2

(Continued from Part 1)

"Good lord! This is what you call a sight for lowely peasants! I will immediately order to found a school where page boys will be taught this beautiful, heavenly art! You, Lagardère, will be the first teacher and their main inspiration. It's decided!"
"But... But I was hoping to serve His Majesty with my sword..."
"Who needs the sword when you got the fold!"
"Y- yes, Your Majesty..."
"Perhaps We, Ourself, shall take some lessons while We are still in Our teens... What say maître Lagardère? Shall We be able to make a crown for Ourself with Our own derrière royal?"
"Uh... Your Majesty's slender body appears to be more than suitable for the task."
"Parfait! Then shall you lose that jacket and show Us some more examples of this, umm... What shall We call it exactly?"
"Contorsions, Your Majesty..."
"Yes, do show Us some more of those. You know, We could use some inspiration before We make la décision finale!"
"Certainement, mon roi..."

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I adore Martin´s delicate, elegant appearence. Every body part looks awesome, but I want to mention the arms. Arms are rarely talked about, but they have such beautiful curves and joints and playing with different sleeve lengths is fun. Read more
Yeah, I always find male shoulders very attractive, also arms have a very nice muscle structure and shape. It's amusing that this picture focuses on the arms without my intention. I'm very glad you enjoyed it! 😊 Read more
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