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Year of the Goat

LeonardSince 2015 is the Year of the Goat, I remembered I had a character back in 2004, one of my very first characters in fact... who was kinda based on one French book on black magic that I read as a teenager XD

It described the ritual of the Black Mass that took place in the medieval times and how the mages and witches had a goat there whom they'd refer to as "Messir Leonard" and they all had to kiss that goat's ass for whatever reason I don't remember XD

So anyway I thought "poor witches" and made this character named Leonard but he was a very cute goatboy with a yummy ass XD

I attempted to draw him again after all the many years, though I also revamped his design a bit...

Apparently I had to draw that yummy ass, too, or it wouldn't make any sense XD

My good friend Wahn had written the following adult fiction story, based on this illustration. Re-posted with permission, this story is also available at the author's FurAffinity account here.

Getting a Goat at the Black Mass

Story by Wahn

[France, 1692]

Anthony silently cursed to himself as he strode over the gravelled garden path towards the large and quite magnificent mansion. Arriving fashionably late after managing to get himself invited to one of the marquis of La Rochelle's very exclusive parties was one thing - over two hours after it started quite another. Why did the wheel of the rented coach have to break on that misbegotten, muddy, coast-side road! All of the business deals and contacts would have been made long before, at the start of the party... but maybe he could salvage something from this fiasco yet.

Handing over his long coat to a servant, Anthony was led in between black curtains. Ah yes - black magic was fashionable again this year, and the marquis went for it with singular intensity. Maybe he hadn't missed all that much after all, if the party guests had played with black candles first, and he could... Anthony's train of thought was brought to a grinding stop as he finally entered the lavishly decorated "inner chambers" - candles on many-armed stands were everywhere, giving the room a gloomy atmosphere just perfect for bored noblemen to get their kicks from a bit of mysticism. A massive inverted pentagram hung on the biggest wall on the room, bearing some sigils and an overlaid goat's head - but what actually gave the young man pause was the wide, low table table and the pillow on top of it, right in front of the "unholy" symbol. On said pillow, a naked goat-boy sat, grinning impishly as he held a fascinating bit of a body-twisting pose, with both his incredibly flexible legs tucked behind the teenager's head.

Getting a wink from the cheeky boy and replying with a smile, Anthony looked around and found himself a bit disappointed. There were barely any people around in here. A servant or two, quietly cleaning up, but none of the movers and shakers in this part of France. They must all already have... two men he knew somewhat from other parties suddenly stumbled into the room, both roaringly drunk, but somehow still standing and even walking by leaning against each other in amused inebriation.

"Hey Anthony - there you are. We had a S-SSS-seance earlier!" one of them - Richard? Roquefort? Something like that - bawled loudly, then the other guy Anthony thought was called Jacques added, "And there look - that's Leonard the goat. You gotta - gotta - gotta kiss him on the bum! It's lucky you know!" As he said that, his buddy snatched a half-filled bottle of wine off a passing servant, leading the duo to almost collapse - but still they somehow caught each other, then reeled around and made it back through the door they came from. Anthony could hear laughter and humping noises from there - no doubt a stairway lay ahead, up into the upper chambers. And from the sounds of it, the other very fashionable thing at such gatherings - an orgy - was going on there.

Anthony sighed - joining the drunken revels of already half-inebriated lords and ladies wasn't really worth his time. They wouldn't be any use to his business interests in that state, and it was unlikely they'd even remember him even if he did pound this or that nobleman into the sheets till the morning. Letting his eye wander over the remains of the raucous party down here, his gaze caught on the goat-boy again - now giving him a sweet smile and miming goat's horns with both hands. The young man really did look quite magnificent, from his flawless body to the curved goat horns and the shining rings piercing his nipples and earlobes.

"Well, I guess I can use a bit of luck, you cheeky lad," Anthony said into the almost empty room, then strode towards the large pentagram. As he started to bend down, he said, "Hey there - I'm Anthony." Giving a flick with one furry, pointy ear, the goat-boy replied while Anthony kissed his tight bum, "Leonard. Nice to meet y- oh! Oooh!" The young visitor had stuck his face between the teen's cheeks, not content with just giving him a kiss, but poking his tongue at Leonard's pucker to see what the goat-boy would do. The answer was - squirm around quite a bit, giggling - but also wincing as his muscles tensed.

"Hmm... you're a bit overstretched it seems." Anthony idly wondered, looking into Leonard's blue eyes as the boy drew up his brows and nodded. Then he asked, "Have you been knotted up like that for the whole party? You really must be aching by now. Maybe I could help... want a massage, lucky little goat?" Anthony wiggled his fingers in the air before Leonard's head as he said this, giving his best smile as he offered his services.

"Ohhh good sir, do I ever..." Leonard crooned, "My ass may be all wet but my back and shoulders are sooo crusty from staying in the same pose so long..." He pulled his legs from where they were hooked behind the head, then put them down surface of the table. Stretching his arms upward, Leonard arched his chest and tried to give himself a good stretch, but stopped as this or that part of his body gave nasty cracking sounds. "Ouch... I feel I'd honestly do anything for a good massage right now..." The goat boy then turned his smooth, slender back to Anthony, looking impishly over his shoulder to watch Anthony still wiggling his fingers. With a giggle, he even wagged his little tail.

After a few seconds of being struck speechless by the sight of Leonard's lithe form and especially the cute tail... Anthony gulped and found his voice again. "Well, let me take care of you for a while then. Can't believe you didn't have a break all this time. Everyone just kissing your ass for luck and no one thinking how you feel."

He stepped over to exchange a quiet word with a nearby servant, then moved to straddle the slender goat-boy's hips, kneeling over his lower back. Anthony set both hands on Leonard's shoulders, gently squeezing tense muscles, then pressed in below with both thumbs, moving them in circling motions. While doing so, the young man leaned forward and told a softly groaning Leonard in a soothing tone, "There, that's it. Just relax... let go of all the tension." He slowly worked his fingers down the teen's back, massaging aching muscles. A moment later, the servant came back in the room and quietly handed him a small clay bottle of olive oil. Then he slipped out between the black curtains, leaving them alone.

"Thank you," Anthony said after the man as he walked off, then turned all his attention back to Leonard. Opening the oil bottle and pouring a small amount into his cupped palm, he then rubbed both hands together to make sure the liquid is nice and warm. After a moment, he went on to spread the oil over all of Leonard's back and massaged it in with a bit more more in-depth kneading of the teen's muscles.

Leonard was deeply enjoying this little break from his duties, sighing in contentment as he could finally relax, lying down and feeling Anthony's warm, oiled hands work on his sensitive back and sides. The man's hands firm grip at first felt a bit harsh on his body, but gradually the goat-boy relaxed, his body almost melting into whatever shape the man on top of him desired. He felt oh so thankful for the massage, the relief and comfort this stranger gave him - and before he knew it, Leonard had to bite his lip to suppress a quiet moan, a sign of how very horny the close contact made him.

Slowly working his way downwards, Anthony soon reached the middle of Leonard's back and had to slide downward further so he wouldn't block the spot to work on next... which quickly put him in a quite indecent position on top of the cheeky goat boy. A flush of warmth spread over the man's cheeks as he realized just how firmly the bulge of his crotch was pressed against those slightly raised, tight buns...

Leonard took a deep breath as he felt Anthony slide into place against himself - and not just that, but also the hardness in the man's pants... growing bigger every second. The sensation of warmth starting to build between their pressed together bodies made Leonard half open his mouth, not sure what to do... until he realized an eye-blink later that his body knew full well what was best - and was already rubbing back gently against the man's manhood with small movements of its crotch. With frantic haste, Leonard's will tried to control himself - but the smooth voice of his libido pushed any concern aside, gloating in the surety that it was responsible for the man's erection in the first place. The boy felt the larger male's stare on his back, his confusion... probably anger?

Maybe he shouldn't have been so forward after all, Leonard thought. Too afraid to turn to look in Anthony's face, he began to tremble a bit, not sure what was going to happen now. "I- I- please don't punish me, master Anthony, I... I didn't mean to do something that forward, you were so kind to me and I... don't know how this happened. I know I'm just supposed to serve for the marquis' guests entertainment, and..." Poor Leonard almost started weeping, knowing what happened to those who offended powerful nobles - he sniffled and froze to perfect stillness under the man, tense for whatever may come next.

Anthony leaned forward, covering Leonard's body with his and held him tight, then whispered in the goat-boy's ear, "You know... I'm not actually one of them either. A pure-blood human. I just hide it better than most - and if you fit in, you can prosper in the crowd." Surprising himself by opening up to this little beast-man, Anthony let his forked tongue slip out to lick a baffled Leonard's cheek, before he continued, "So don't worry about me, goat-boy..." It felt strangely good to have this cheeky little guy relax in his arms again, and he couldn't help but add, "Still... I think you should deal with what you've awoken." With that, he did actively grind his crotch against Leonard's butt, making him give an actual moan this time.

Leonard breathed quickly as lust flared up inside him again, now that Anthony's whispered words had put his fears to rest for the most part. The knowledge that this man was so obviously aroused by him made the teen almost giddy with pleasure. Anthony was... nice. Very nice. And his willingness to think about others first, give him a massage when he really needed one, the little caresses in doing so... With an eager little giggle, Leonard looked over his shoulder, opening his mouth to... encourage the man. But suddenly, he hesitated... as if remembering about something, he half-spoke and half-bleated in a quite unsure voice, "It might not seeeem so, master Anthony, but... I fear I have never done this before, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten this job... as they searched for virgin goat boys for this, erm... position... I- I fear I might lose both my virginity and my job if we continued..."

Leonard kept quiet for a moment, wondering if he was talking too much, making things awkward between them - but somehow, he got the feeling that Anthony was listening attentively and continued, "P- Perhaps master Anthony would like to call for one of the marquis' sweeeet harem boys who are not busy at the orgy? Seeee, I'm nothing but a poor farmer's son, and one with beast-blood too. That's why other noble men didn't stay in this room to have fun... All the perfect, fair boys are upstairs. If you had arrived earlier you'd have heard the marquis explain that these goat buns here are meant only for kissing in the ritual, an ap- ...aperitif for what sweet things are waiting in the other rooms..."

As he talked, Leonard's rear continued rubbing against the man's crotch seemingly on its own, quickly drawing the goat-boy's attention to the fact that Anthony's cock grew even more prominent than it was before, now really poking him in the butt hard. He immediately brought it back in line and pressed his hips down, looking almost like he was ready to slap his own ass for misbehaving. Apparently there was a major fight going on between this virgin's mind and body, fear and lust, the angel and the devil inside his head. In the very back of his mind the devil was telling him to go on and have fun, have excuses for the marquis later that he was told he did not have the right to say 'no' to guests and that he just did his best to be entertaining. Perhaps he even would be promoted to work in the marquis' harem, the little voice of temptation told him. Meanwhile, the little angel sounded just a little desperate to get his point across, telling him to remember his hard-working father, his sick mother and his younger sisters who were all so happy with the money he was able to bring home recently. How would he explain to them that he'd lost such a hard-to-find job at the marquis' mansion? The moment he lost himself if these thoughts, his rear made a yet another rub against Anthony who was still there, curiously studying the boy's internal struggle...

His gaze flashing quickly over to the closed door to the upper floor of the mansion, before being inevitably drawn back to linger on the naked boy before him, Anthony mulled things over in his head. Two months spent in this part of France so far, ingratiating himself with boorish provincial nobles. He'd made some business contacts, but the grand coup was supposed to be tonight - and that misbegotten pothole had cost him the opportunity. So he would have to spend even more time here, away from the real center of things - naah, not if he could get this sweet goat-boy. This very cute, very... flexible boy. And a virgin to boot. So fuck those noble bastards - he'd be going back home tomorrow. And he didn't plan to go alone.

The decision made, Anthony turned his full attention on Leonard now, a smile spreading over his face as hands got busy undoing the buttons of his shirt. A moment later, the young man leaned down over Leonard, sliding both hands over his smooth back, then around the sides of his slender body, and soon he was holding the goat-boy against his naked chest, both arms wrapped around him from behind. As his fingers searched out the teen's nipples, brushing softly over them and playing with the silver rings dangling below, Anthony whispered into Leonard's pointy ear, "You could be far more than just a shapely butt to be paraded out for the marquis guests. If he can't see that... why, I might just have to steal you away. What do you say, boy? Wanna let me take you to Paris?" Then he nibbled at the ear he had been whispering in, at the same time as pinching both the goat-boy's nipples.

Leonard moaned, "Ooohhh... P- Paris?!" - the last bit more a shocked bleek than normal speech. For him, the largest city of France was pretty much a mythical place, akin to Olympus, Atlantis or other things from stories that he would never see. He couldn't even imagine it, half a million people living in one place! That was more than all the villages up and down the coast together - far more. "You really want to do that? Thank you! I never dreamed of..." - his stream of words quickly ebbed as the goat-boy became a bit more thoughtful all of a sudden. "But - but what would I do in Paris? For you, and... when you get tired of me?" His voice broke a bit as he added, "I - I'm nothing, really. I don't even know if... if I'd be any good at... doing things with men for money."

Anthony squeezed the teen's body as he trembled for a second, then said, "Oh, I didn't mean... no, you sweet silly boy - I don't want you to be a whore, not mine or anyone's. Have you never heard the word "gymnast", Leonard?" The goat-boy twisted around a bit to look at Anthony over his shoulder with wide eyes, then gave a negating flick of his ear, only remembering human mannerisms a moment later and shaking his head. Once again taken with the sheer cuteness of Leonard's expressions, Anthony gave the teen's cheek a gentle stroke, then explained, "It's Greek, and means "he who exercises naked". With what you can do - what you were doing all day today - I think it wouldn't take much training and people would pay just to see you move and stretch. You're a natural talent, Leonard! I bet you'd be the talk of all Paris if I can arrange a nice enough debut."

After being dazzled for a moment by the enormous opportunity Anthony had laid out before him, Leonard gulped, then found himself saying, "Take me, please." And he meant it - in any sense of the word. So much so that he immediately followed up by stretching his neck to give Anthony an impulsive kiss on the lips, which the man readily accepted and returned with eager pleasure. Plans and schemes, worries and fears - all were forgotten as their tongues wrestled with each other and naked skin was touched and stroked. Soon, Anthony's hands wandered down towards his crotch and were hastily undoing the buttons of his pantaloons, with Leonard blindly groping behind his back to "help". When the trousers fell open, he instantly had the man's hard member between his fingers. Squeezing and stroking it, he felt some rather unexpected features...

"Told you I'm not quite human," Anthony chuckled, then kissed the goat-boy on the shoulder and lifted himself up on his knees, giving Leonard more room. "Turn around," the man added, then watched with interest how his younger friend twisted and wiggled around, until they were front to front. Grinning down at him, Anthony gave Leonard another quick peck on the lips, then held his erection up besides the goat-boy's own. It was quite a bit longer and thicker than Leonard's own shaft - as only might be expected by a fully grown man measuring up to a teen - but what surprised the goat-boy were the tiny scales covering the man's crotch, fading over into smooth skin all around. Anthony's human cock had pushed out of a sort of draconic pouch, standing proudly now that it left the protective sheath. "Ha - it's the only thing I ever got from my grand-grandfather. Well, that and this -" *wiggling his forked tongue* "Yeah sure, dragons are majestic and all... but when they sweep in and grab some virgin girl, barely anyone asks about the aftermath. I hear he's in Persia, these days. But let's get to the good part, hm?"

Leonard was still a bit shocked having finally seen the member he was so eager to take in just a few moments ago. But those were only words, and now the reality itself was right in front of him, so very hard - and with a strangely attractive, very prominent head. He had never seen a cut cock before, so the boy was rather surprised at its look. "Where is your - you know, skin" Leonard asked, while reaching out to gently touch the glans of Anthony's human penis. That made the man chuckle as he replied, "The foreskin you mean? I never had one to begin with... guess it'd be a bit unnecessary, with the sheath and all. Accepting the man's exciting new anatomy now that his curiosity had been satisfied, Leonard couldn't help but stroke it a few more times. He bit his lower lip, looking at Anthony, so eager to try it out right away, but the man stopped him for a second, reaching for the bottle of olive oil and pouring a bit on the tip of his male member. Leonard smiled and grabbed the man's erection in his fingers, smearing and massaging the oil over the whole shaft.

"Ahh, I just can't wait any more, master Anthony," Leonard said in a breathless pant, his voice trembling from the temptation. Then he wiggled up on the pillow a bit, far enough to pull his slender legs out from under the kneeling man, spreading and tensing them to raise his tight little butt. With his cute goat's tail wagging excitedly, the young teen inched closer to Anthony again, soon rubbing his butt-cheeks against the man's oiled maleness, trying to feel its tip against his sensitive innocent pucker. Anthony lets him play around like that for a while, but finally has to reach down and use his hand to help the virgin boy to aim it just right. An eye-blink later, the tip slowly slid in and ended up buried inside at a pretty good depth for someone who never did this before.

Feeling the resistance of his ring's muscles, the goat boy moved up a bit and then slid down again, repeating these slight movements with breathless concentration, trying to relax to the stretching and take as much more as he could with each move. After all, he enjoyed taking on new impossible poses all the time - and of all the things he knew in life, he knew the most about how to stretch himself quickly and effectively. It seemed that Anthony even enjoyed these little movements rubbing the very tip of his cock, groaning in arousal as Leonard took it deeper and deeper.

Leonard stopped just a for a little bit to relax after this intense workout of his ring's muscles. "Ahhh," he sighed deeply, "I've never felt so stretched before... it feels so good..." Then he reached up to hook a hand behind Anthony's neck, pulling his upper body close to the man and giving him a long kiss. Almost on their own, Anthony's arms closed around Leonard's back, holding the boy tightly while his entrance's muscles were adapting to the stretch. As they continued to make out like that, the goat boy slowly pulled his hips closer and closer to his partner's crotch, using both slender legs hooked around the man's body. Soon, he felt the light tickle of Anthony's pubic hair against himself, followed by the soft touch of his balls pressing against his skin.

"I did it! It's all in," the goat-boy said excitedly, giving Anthony another quick peck on the lips before continuing, "You make me feel soo good. It's... so nice and warm, filling me up. Is it always this good?" That innocent question made the man chuckle as he replied, "My dear Leonard, this is just the start." And with that, Anthony lowered his little gymnast to the pillow again, planting him to rest with his back pressed securely against its soft expanse, then started to pull his thick shaft out of the boy. Leonard sighed in pleasure as the cock started to slide along his inner walls... then gave a little gasp as the underside rubbed a very sensitive spot just the right way.

"Oh," he breathed softly, followed by, "Ooooh, yes!" and "Yeahh! Again please!" as Anthony's shaft slowly slid out of his hole, eventually just leaving in the cockhead to hold his opening stretched with the very tip. The horny man leaned over the slender form under him and planted his lips on Leonard's, giving him a deep kiss just as he thrust in, muffling the goat-boy's scream of pleasure at his first proper penetration. Anthony's human cock had a slight upwards curve to it, allowing him to glide deep with gentle ease and bump the boy's prostate really good - followed by a quicker pull back out this time. The rapid succession of the man's erection moving in and out past his tightly clenching ring reduced Leonard to a mewling state of arousal, melting into the pillow in a lust-filled puddle, eyes rolled back and totally relaxed.

In the pleasant haze he was in, Leonard readied himself for the next deep thrust - which didn't come, to the baffled surprise of his sex-addled mind. Instinctively, he tried wiggling down against the hot shaft bringing so much pleasure, but strong hands held on to his chest under the arms and didn't allow him to move. Then eventually he calmed down enough to blink open his eyes and register the mixture of aroused concern and pleasure in Anthony's face as the man was leaning over him. "You okay, my lucky goat-boy? Didn't mean to fuck your brains out, so I thought I'd give you a moment," he said in a joking tone, though Leonard could sense the genuine feeling behind it. Just like before with the massage, this man took the time to care for him - a far different situation than he had expected to be in eventually... bent over and used as just another sex toy in the marquis' harem.

"More than okay, master Anthony," Leonard bleeked happily, giving the man a cheeky grin, then added, "But I'll be even better if you go on now. I - I need more." That brought a smile to Anthony's face, followed by a moaned, "You asked for it, my sexy gymnast!" And with that, he slid his long shaft right back into the goat-boy, drawing the first of many a lusty gasp from Leonard as he started fucking him in earnest now.

Gliding right in, then leaning back a bit for the pull out, Anthony knew very well how to give the most pleasure he could to any man - but there was something special about this goat-boy. Things had just kind of... clicked between them, making him feel giddy with lust ...and maybe something more... after each kiss. Plus the sex drive of this randy little fellow was something to behold - a virgin just minutes before, the little minx actually started actively lifting his butt again before long, twisting and flexing his hips to milk Anthony's cock while it was in his hole.

Between the two of them, groans, grunts and moans filled the mansion's ritual chamber. Soon a new tone of urgency rose in Leonard's voice, showing the depth of his need as he begged, "Unnngh - deeper please. F- *gasp* fuck me hard, master Anthony." More than happy to fulfill his young partner's request, the man took all the stops out and really gave the goat-boy a ride - ramming it all in, then grinding his crotch tightly against Leonard's ass before pulling out in a flash and having another go. And with such vigorous action, it didn't take long until the freshly-deflowered boy gave a startled gasp, shuddering and twitching in breathless intensity as he came for the first time without touching himself.

Long spurts of cum blasted out of the teen's fiercely erect shaft, arcing through the air to splat all over his chest. Meanwhile, Anthony had the pleasure of basically being jerked off inside the tightly gripping hole he was in - as the goat-boy's inner walls trembled, just as the rest of his muscles did. So barely an eye-blink later, he joined Leonard in orgasm, gripping the teen tightly around the hips as he ground his crotch against that shapely butt and blasted his load deep inside, forever claiming the spot of being the first in the naughty goat. "MmmmmmMMM! That feels soo nice," Leonard panted, wrapping his arms around Anthony's chest to pull himself close for a kiss. "I can feel it pulse inside, filling me more and more. Thank you, master Anthony."

Holding on to the slender teen, Anthony gave him a gentle stroke over the back, then said, "No, thank you - for having such a very lucky and kissable butt." One hand wandered down to rub the base of Leonard's tail. "I thought I'd be blowing off some bore of a nobleman by now. Establishing business connections, you know... instead, I'm now with a truly pretty and amazing cutie." Leonard blushed at the praise, though he couldn't help but bask a bit in the physical closeness and nice feelings their coupling had brought. He took a deep breath, gathering up all his bravery to ask, "Can... we do that again? It was soo amazing!" "Ha - jumping in the deep end of the lake I see. I'd love to, but we do have to get away from here quickly, you know. Can't run the chance that the marquis finds me making off - or making out, with his no longer quite as virgin goat-boy," the man said, giving Leonard another playful thrust.

They enjoyed each other for a short while longer, making out as they did, until eventually Anthony's cock became soft enough to slip out of the goat boy's freshly bred hole on its own. "Well, time to get going I guess," the man said, disentangling himself from the slender teen after giving him a last kiss. As Anthony put his clothes back in order, Leonard lounged for a moment longer on the pillow, still trying to catch up with the fact that all of this could be happening to him, was happening to him. Anthony pulled him out of his thoughts by saying, "Come on. Get your clothes and we'll be off." At that suggestion, Leonard squirmed a little in his spot, explaining, "I don't know where my stuff is. Before the party, I had to take it all off and then was dressed for the occasion by the servants. So there's just this here..."

Rolling over towards the edge of the table and stretching himself to reach down, Leonard gave Anthony a very enticing view, with his tight butt raised high, then he pulled a quite... interesting piece of clothing into sight. It seemed to consist mostly of thin leather straps, held together by all kinds of metal rings and shiny buckles. A minuscule triangle of goat fur completed the piece, too small to hide literally anything. Anthony felt his trousers become pretty tight at the front as his mind invariably moved to imagining Leonard in the sexy harness, taking one suggestive pose after another.

Even though reluctant to let go of the nice mental image, Anthony shook his head to clear it, then said, "We'll... take that. Definitively. But it's cold outside and you need something to keep you warm. I had to buy a horse from a farmer after that stupid wheel broke, so it's no protected travel as in a coach." Letting his eyes wander over the room, he silently wished for someone to have forgotten their coat or something like that - to no avail. A moment later, the answer that had been starting him right in the face dawned on the man, and he took a few steps, then wrenched a black velvet curtain from its fastening and held it out for Leonard. Soon, the goat-boy was snuggling into a warm wrap and looked ready to go.

Anthony led Leonard out of the ritual chamber, and the two of them ran into a servant mopping the entrance hall, busily removing the muddy tracks of many a nobleman's shoe. As the man raised his head to give them a curious look, Anthony smiled and reached down to the purse on his belt while quietly saying, "Ah, perfect. I had hoped I wouldn't have to call someone and attract too much attention. Here, catch!" He flipped a coin towards the surprised man, making everyone's eyes follow the arch of the golden disc, tumbling end over end through the air. And the young man did indeed catch it - followed by him going pale in shock a moment later as he realized what he was holding in his hand.

Closing the distance between them with a few steps, Anthony dropped an additional coin - smaller and silver this time - in the servant's hand. "That's for you, if you give your master the other tomorrow - and not before noon. Keep quiet about anything you saw right now until then." Hurriedly nodding, the man was still too shocked to bring out more than a stuttered, "Oui monsieur." A moment later, after Anthony and his young companion were out the door, Leonard got over himself and bleeked, "That - that was a Louis d'Or! You could buy a whole pig with that!" The man who had taken his virginity chuckled, putting an arm around the goat-boy as he joked, "Better learn to squeal nicely then. But no - you were wrong... it was a Double Louis."

Leonard gasped at how casually this man had just handed over enough money to buy a cow. "But, but..." he sputtered, before Anthony drew him in and planted a kiss on his lips. When they pulled apart a long moment later, he let his hand wander down the goat-boy's chest, teasing a nipple bearing a shiny silver ring. "It wouldn't do to get a reputation as a thief, you know." The teen went a bit pale and his hands flew up to feel the earrings he also wore. He got as far as, "Oh! Um..." before Anthony raised the bundle of straps and buckles forming the light leather harness he wore earlier that day. Wiggling that with a bit of creaking and tinkling, Anthony continued, "Between this, the jewelry and... your cloak, we're at not quite eighteen livre I'd say. The marquis will be laughing about how much I overpaid him - until he finally realizes what a treasure I stole from him today.

Flushing brightly at... at the unusual feeling of being wanted, being valued so highly, Leonard gave a happy little sigh at the smiling man and stretched a bit to give him a peck on the cheek. "Thank you. I - I don't know what to say. This is so great, so nice - I could never even have dreamed something like this." Arm in arm, they started walking down the path towards the stables. After a few moments, the goat boy hesitated again, then said quietly, in a slightly frightened tone as if not wanting to break the moment, "Um... I'm sorry, but... my feet are really cold."

Looking down the goat-boy's slender body, wrapped in black velvet as it was, Anthony's gaze fell upon the boy's slender ankles and narrow feet, standing on the cold stones of the gravel path. And he couldn't wrap himself up all the way down either, not if he wanted to walk, which left the lower half of Leonard's legs covered in goosebumps. "Oh, sorry for dragging you out in the cold. My mistake. Didn't even think of shoes," Anthony said, slapping himself on the forehead lightly, and Leonard replied, "It's okay, I've been cold and barefoot before. One learns to - hey!" He couldn't help but squeal, then giggle, as Anthony simply picked him up, pulling the velvet sheet down to warm all of Leonard as he carried him.

And like that, they left the marquis' mansion. Anthony did eventually bribe a stable-boy out of his clothes a short while later when they picked up his horse, giving Leonard something to wear as they rode through the night. Some hours later, they left in the overland coach leaving for Paris, literally at the crack of dawn. Thus, they started their trip to Paris and the adventures that followed... asleep, tired but happy as they leaned against each other in the jostling wagon.

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