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Yasha wakes up in a super secret Siberian bunker where strange things happen as his body is made more flexible than ever...Reading Time: about 8-10 minutes

Yasha woke up in a super secret Siberian bunker. He was laying on a table, surrounded by people in surgeon masks.

One of them, a very stern looking man in a dark brown suit with a Communist party badge, spoke. "I'm sorry about this. In another situation, we would have had you executed for your crimes. But given your certain physical capabilities, we're going to give you a chance to join the FAPs." The man paused, as if to allow Yasha to respond but Yasha didn't. "Which stands for FoldAble Partisans... Very well. Here's your new identity. Have a good life, comrade."

The man handed Yasha a folder. Inside was an identity card, some papers and six red ribbons. "You have to put them around your wrists, ankles, neck and waist." The man explained. "The colour will symbolize your loyalty to the people, the workers, the army, the state, our glorious leader and, well, the blood. There is much needed for it, you know."

Yasha took the ribbons. His head was a bit mushy, he couldn't clearly think of any reason not to try them on immediately. He put the ribbons around the required areas on his body. It seemed like they glued to his skin, then Yasha felt as if someone's tickling him really hard.

Yasha bent in half from the sudden tickling all over his body, it was unbearable, he curled up into a ball on the padded floor, laughing like crazy and begging for it to stop.

The masked personnel remained calm, none of them even moved a brow. A woman spoke in a commanding tone. "The infusion will take a few minutes to act. You will feel some heavy tickling, but you will live. After the tickling is gone, you will continue your work as normal, in the shadows, for us."

Yasha laughed even harder, which caused the people in surgeon masks around him to frown. The woman continued her speech. "Yasha, this is an..." Yasha couldn't stop laughing, he was dying from laughing. "Yasha, we are infusing you with..." But Yasha was still laughing. The woman stared at him, annoyed.

"Yasha!" The stern man was getting annoyed.

Yasha stopped laughing, panting heavily. He was still in great pain from the tickling. "I'm sorry comrades. It's just.... the tickling." He begged for forgiveness.

The stern man nodded to the woman, who smiled. "Alright, alright." She ruffled Yasha's soft hair. "There, there. It's alright, good boy. How are you feeling?"

Yasha slowly crawled to his knees, still laughing at the top of his lungs. "I feel... strange." There was a lot of red in his field of view somehow, he realized all the red was coming from his own body, his entire body was covered in some red material. Only his head was uncovered, the rest of the body was wrapped in this red material to the tips of his toes and fingers.

Yasha suddenly felt very light, free. "I feel wonderful!" He finally answered. The woman nodded. "Good, good."

The personnel lead him out of the room. He walked slowly, his body didn't seem to be as firm as it had been. They held him up whenever his knees betrayed him.

Yasha was led down a long, straight hallway. His body felt alive, moving under its own power... Soon, the hallway started turning. The people around him seemed to shift, moving in slow motion. Yasha's mind told him that they're moving fast, but his eyes told a different story.

"This is strange..." Yasha thought to himself. Soon, the hallway began to turn in a circle. As it did so, Yasha noticed a large portrait of Stalenin on the wall. The leader of the Communist party looked at him with pride. Yasha was so close to him, he could touch his large picture. He wanted to touch him so bad, but his mushy hands couldn't move a single finger.

Yasha felt silly. He was a nobody, just an extraordinary being caught in this weird world of slow people. The hallway turned into a large room, like a room in a mansion. In the middle of it was a large round platform and the slow people eventually dragged Yasha all the way in the middle of the circle.

There were no windows, just a circle of white light on the high ceiling. "This is for the entertainment of the people!" One of the personnel said to Yasha in slow mo. "We have some flexible people come in once a week to perform for us, usually it's a contortion dance but there is always someone willing to do something different, up to the participants. It's good for the Community!"

The circle turned red, and the additional lights in the room turned off. Yasha felt unusual lightness in the body, like he didn't even need to touch the ground to stand up. Something went wrong with the gravity. At the same time his body felt incredibly flexible.

Suddenly Yasha realized he could twist his limbs at will and jump incredibly high. He jumped, or rather floated up and put his body into the most twisted position he could think of in mid-air, completely upside down, his legs encircled his head, his arms spread wide with his thighs in his own armpits...

Yasha tugged himself tighter and tighter, the thought to stop didn't cross his mind at all, he could go on forever. At some point he realized that spinning would help to compress more and so he began spinning like crazy until he felt his body was nothing but a solid sphere. No, it wasn't just a contorted pose that was very compact, it was a real, ideal sphere. His body turned into a ball!

Suddenly everything changed, he opened his eyes and found himself in a whole different place. After a few seconds trying to tune his brain, he realized he woke up in a triplefold, in front of him was a screen and a gamepad, the screen said "Game over" and Yasha remembered he was playing the last Metroid game to see how long he can hold a triplefold.

His triplefold was so tight that he almost felt his hipbone pressing against the back of his ribcage with a thin layer of skin and muscle in between. His spine was bent completely in two halves. He looked at the time, trying to recall when he started, then reached for his phone.

"Hey man, what's up?" Andrzej's voice on the other end of the line.
"Guess what, I'm holding a triplefold for 11 hours and 37 minutes already!!"
"Holy sh-..."
"Also, I just had a dream."
"I was playing Metroid but fell asleep, haha. I had a dream of myself becoming a red Samus, the FAP experimented on my body and bent me up into a ball. It was pretty crazy fun!"
"That's... really wild."
"Yeah... So umm, still in the triplefold but my spine feels so loose... Now I only have two things to dream about, if only someone could sit on top of me to fold me tighter with all his weight and also if he could bring me something to chew on..."
"Sure, I can do both."
"You're a life saver Andrzej, you really are!"
"Wait... did you change your room code again?"
"Oh, I forgot, it's 114765."

What do you think? 😄
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When I was thinking Yuni couldn't blow my mind any more... you came with this XD.... amazing XD Read more
Well, it's of course MUCH easier than drawing animation by hand (that I could probably never do..) but still took several days and the realization how much you have to do just to make it look realistic... so many fixes on every portion of the movement... But thanks man, very glad you enjoyed it!! 😄 Read more
Wait a tic, I thought the Morph Ball was Chozo tech. Read more
Found this, sounds like it:

"When the Chozo developed from their ancient form, each race's characteristic physical abilities were enhanced. Each member of the various tribes had the astonishing abilities to perform quick movements while running, leap high in the air, and have flexible bodies that can uniquely transform into a sphere. These abilities contributed greatly to the prosperity of the Chozo culture. The various powerup items Samus gains contain the physical abilities the ancient Chozo excelled at." Read more
Wonderful, I love it :D
It´s the first time, you show the process of folding and it looks really beautiful. There are subtle movements, I like the lip bite and how he smiles, when he starts spinning. The eyes have movement, which is important, but you can still tell that they are parented to the head. Real eyes don´t turn slowly with the head, they stay fixed on what they are looking at, while moving the head and jump quickly, when changing the view point. That alone helps immensely, to make animations more lifelike. But he is in a dream and on drugs, that can explain everything away XD. Also great are the folds on the back of the suit and generally, how the body retains its proportions. 3D characters tend to look like kinked rubber hoses, when doint extreme poses.
o< Read more
Thank you so much!! Very glad you enjoyed! About the eyes, I didn't realize they should be fixed on one point and will try to remember it for any future animations... In this case I think it looks okay but I agree it looked a bit weird to me as well, and now I know why! Thanks!

Also thanks for noticing the folds and the fact the body stays intact at all stages, it really makes me happy to read as I didn't even count on getting a comment about it... Animating reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, "you have to run faster and faster just to stay in the same place," similarly I had to fix SO many stages of the animation because "by default" almost everything looks wrong...after all the fixes the animation looked ideal, but also as if I did nothing at all. That's the curse of 3D art, the more ideal you make it, the more it looks like you did nothing. In 2D art perfectionism can be clearly seen and appreciated because every single person in the world tried to hold a pencil at least once and everybody knows how hard it is to draw even a simple circle... But in 3D only very few experienced people can notice some nuances that took the artist hours... In this case, I'm very fortunate to get a comment about it! 😊 Read more
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Indeed... what? 😂 Read more
I‘m going through this clip frame by frame because I simply can not get enough. I’m enchanted by his expressions and simply in love! Stunning, stunning work. First your 3D models, now animations... Is there anything you can’t do? Mindblowing!
—Alldenspa Read more
Thank you so very much!! I'm just trying to do something other than turntables because honestly they're hard to look at without getting dizzy...
This is my first longer and non-looped 3D animation, it makes me very happy it's something worth looking at frame by frame... I sure had to do that a lot while making it, there's still several bugs like a strand of hair falling down on his chest but I couldn't afford losing sanity over it anymore...haha...

What I can do depends entirely on the programs available in the market today... I couldn't do the same thing a few years ago.. I'm just trying to watch more tutorials on youtube and see if there's any other media that I could use to worship bendy femboys... Probably now the next step will be making a video game with them...mwahaha...good %uck 😂 Read more
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A video game huh! I have been learning to program games in Unity over the last two years on and off but just haven’t had that one cool project I can get obsessed with hahaha... But a bendy boys game?! Where can I send my application to?! XDXD
—Alldenspa Read more
I did a 2D bendy boys game already (Octafold) but I'm still trying to think of a "cool project I can get obsessed with" as you said, in 3D...

So far my best idea was that you're a teacher with a group of boys who all get trapped in an ancient temple, the only way out seems to be a huge mysterious door, but the engravings around it suggest that the only way to open it is for several people to perform very advanced contortion poses at the same time in front of it. None of the boys in your group are flexible at all, but everyone realizes there's no other choice but to start some intense training. This idea can turn into a horror game where they realize they're not the first ones trapped in this place and they find various contorted skeletons of the past victims. That makes them work way harder, but here I'm kind of out of ideas for the actual gameplay between the intro and the ending. Can be just a sequence of right items to pick up and right things to do, but it can be more like a survival game where most items are generic like "stick" or "rock" and you unlock recipes to build more and more effective training machines. Also thought that doing contortion emanates some weird energy that can be stored in some special containers, then certain amounts can be used to activate magical items around the temple that help with more advanced contortions and energies until you unlock the last door. Can be like a Sims game where the boys live their own life, sleep, eat, train, talk with each other, you just walk around, enjoy their training, listen to their babbling about their progress and improve whatever you can for them.

The first problem here I can think of is how to create 3D characters who look attractive and not like eyes painted over lowpoly models or something. I guess if I ever get through this stage, the rest might be possible 🤔 Read more
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Thank you! 😊 Read more
AWESOME Read more
Thanks! 😁 Read more
We need more like this XD Read more
Animations weren't fun to make for almost 2 years for me but now I'm more and more getting familiar with the tools, so might make more later 😉 Read more
I imagine the Celestials have found a nice yoga ball XD Read more
Yeah, all the exercises they can do now at home! 😆 Read more
Holy cow! Absolutely love this! Amazing! Your work always blows me away, the animated stuff even more so! I love when they go to the extreme limits like this too! Read more
Thank you so much!! I'm very glad you enjoyed it, and I'm happy the animations are getting a bit better with more practice 😄 Read more
that's great!! More contortionist movie please. Read more
Thanks! Glad you liked! 😊 Read more
In response to your reply: Yeah I loved the Octafold game! Played it a lot hahahah
The ideas you shared all sound super interesting, I'd be hyped about a little game like that. Actually, I've been thinking about it over the afternoon and I have a few ideas of my own how that setting you described might be turned into a neat game! I don't want to share them here and spam this comment section unnecessarily, but maybe we can talk about the whole idea over DA/discord or something! I think it really has the potential to be a fun project!
--Alldenspa Read more
Yeah it sounds interesting at first, but if you imagine a finished game it's not as good as the Octafold game. In Octafold I spent only 2 days coding and 2-3 days making all the sprites, but even I myself played the game for weeks. This 3D idea sounds like it won't be possible to make even in a year, the amount of work seems grotesque and the potential playability is questionable... Maybe I'll get back to thinking about it if I ever manage to model a good looking lowpoly character and learn how to animate them, but don't want to think about the game when I can't even do the basics yet 😅 Read more
My name is Yasha. I was a ex-bendy super talent now turned special agent from special training at a cool facility. "Go on." ...There was an incident, many people perished. "Was this your doing?" No, it was an evil wizard's doing bending time and space itself but nobody believes me because of my powers, "Ahuh!" except this guy Andrezej sitting over here... "Hmm so, Andrzej! KGB or military?" What, no bending and twisting? No stretching and pulling? That's the problem. No one in this slowpoke world makes the time for a riveting backstory, where is the world building? "..." But we skipped over those because you wanted to load straight into the bendy bits. Read more
I thought after almost 20 years of art presented on this site it would be clear it was only started for the bendy bits. World building is merely one of the many methods we use to worship the Lord of Fold... there's a few pencil drawings and real sculptures, a whole lot of digital art, now a good volume of 3D and even a few animations and games, there are songs, poems and plots, but the essence has always been the same 😏 Read more
I think it's your best video clip idea so far!!!
He looks like a flexible aeroplane here, haha!
I wonder who will be the next character you're thinking of a clip!! Read more
Well, the other ideas being mostly turntables... But now it's time to really turn the tables and make some airplanes!! I'm really glad you enjoyed it, by the way! I also wonder who will be the next 😏 Read more
You have combined contortion with the power of elasticity!! Please do more of these with both male and female elastic powers. Keep up the AMAZING work!!

Thank you so much! Read more
Very glad you enjoyed! Well, it was too tempting to squish him completely into a ball 😂 Read more
It began with very nice and sexy catsuit but morphed into a ball? Oh well, I liked the catsuit theme. =) Read more
It's my first animation that long and I didn't know how to finish it.. Read more
Video is neat, I dont mind carefree end at all. For me it is funny :-) and would bee cool to have such "superhero" ability. Read more
Very glad you liked ^^ Read more
This is insanely cool. Not just because its an animation! But the extra level of "fold" here. I don't think I've seen you ever transform a body in any of your art like this. Love it. Read more
Thank you so much! ^^ Read more
now i want to see a satyr curl into a ball Read more
Cuánto tardas en hacer una animación aproximadamente?
Approximately how long does it take to make an animation? Read more
A mí me tomó 3 días porque era mi primera vez y tenía que arreglar muchas cosas... 😅
It took me 3 days because it was my first time and I had to fix a lot of things... Read more
Pokemon Go - Yasha Go) Read more
Yasha Go-Go! 💃 Read more
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