Yasha's Chinese Outfit

(Art by Saraka)

Yasha in his new beautiful Chinese outfit designed by my dear friend and fellow artist Saraka_S from Pixiv! :3

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Saraka's comment:

Yasha in his Chinese outfit (#^.^#)
Yasha Lebedev is half-Chinese and half-Siberian, so I decided to give him a Chinese outfit :3

Β© Yasha belongs to Yuni
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This illustration was posted with the author's permission πŸ’–

This outfit is incredibly sexy. I love how the micro-thong he is wearing, how his hips are on fully display. I also love the open chest cutout, revealing his yummy nipples. Now that Yasha is back in Zhongguo/Jongguo/Centralia ("China") to receive further training from someone who may or not be his grandpa-sensei, any chance Yasha will wear this outfit again? Yeah, though it seems they also wear different outfits as depicted in Mountain of the Snails parts 1 and 2, and yet another one in Pockey Boy, I don't think Yasha should be repressed to wear that particular style only, perhaps during celebrations such as the Chinese New Year, more commonly called the Spring Festival in China, in 2201 can be renamed to the String Festival where everybody (considering in 2201 all Earthlings look not older than 18, thanks to their genetic modifications) celebrates by wearing strings and showcasing their perfect skin. However, since it's not a mere nudist festival, the bodies are covered 50/50 but in preferably sexy ways: cut sleeves, pattern cuts, high cuts. Of course it's Yasha's favorite, he never skipped a single String Festival 😘
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