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Yasen The Slavic Slave

Yasen, whose name means "ash tree" in Bulgarian, was kidnapped from the land of his ancestors, the South Slavs, while he was on his back home from a hunt. It all happened somewhere around the 6th century CE, around 6 o'clock in the evening. Back then, the Slavs made simply "perfect" slaves: while they were brave warriors during the times of need, still their young men were too trustful and very easy to fool and catch for the cunning slavers... And so Yasen happily agreed to drink some mead with those "good people" whom he didn't even know, when he woke up he was already tightly tied up and completely helpless.

Kidnapping the Slavs was a profitable business at the time, as they had fair and very smooth blond hair which was such unusual sight in the Arabic lands that they were valued as gold. Yasen was purchased from the slavers by the nomadic Jewish merchants who skillfully removed his penis and testicles and kept him in chains for a whole year to let his hair grow longer, let the scars of castration fully heal, let his spirit shrink to accept the new role of a slave and otherwise polish him into a shiny and desirable thing.

Next, they traded him to some noble Arab to be educated as a harem dancer, "al-jink" as the Arabs called effeminate young men who braided their long hair and dressed in woman's clothes.

Yasen (or Al'Jazeen how the Arabs called him as their snakish tongues couldn't pronounce his Slavic name properly) originally had only entertainment functions, improving his dancing skills, grace and body flexibility. Every time he allowed himself to get distracted from practice, he would be brought to the torture room where the mistresses were devoid of mercy, and eventually he learned to do his work with precision.

It was revealed further that the training was in order to prepare him to participate in sensual and erotic rituals aimed to worship the three chief "goddesses", whom the Arabs named: Al-Lat, Al-Uzza, Manat.

Al-Lat was the goddess of the underworld and the land of the dead (possibly the image derived from Ereshkigal). Al-Uzza was the genderless and ever young god[dess] of beauty whose image in many ways inspired the invention of the later Judaic and Christian "angels". Manat was the goddess of fate, especially vengeful fate brought by this remorseless goddess. All three were believed to be the own daughters of the Supreme God.

These three Goddesses were worshipped mainly by specially trained effeminates, all chosen for their grace and beauty and all devoid of manly features. The major part of the ritual was dancing to please the eyes of the priestesses gazing upon them, and therefore, as they believed, to please the eyes of the Goddesses themselves. As women were considered to be divine, they couldn't use girls to do the dances, that is why effeminate young men were used instead. To please the Goddesses further, they proceeded to sensual pleasures: accompanied by the beautiful dancers, the women enjoyed sweet foods, fragrant baths, erotic massages and more.

After a year of devoted dancing, Yasen finally received the blessing of the Goddesses in the form of a real and fully functional vagina. It took him a week to finally realize the joy of the second life that was just given to him after all the months of having to please the girls and not getting anything for himself. He was always wondering what it must feel like for them girls and now he knew. Every night in his bed he cried of happiness.

For the first week after receiving the gift he just kept having those black circles under his eyes due to the lack of sleep. The priestesses giggled when he appeared in the dancing hall, they perfectly knew his obsession and gave him some time to get used to the gift. Yasen finally started smiling a lot and his dancing became truly passionate, he was like a butterfly that finally emerged from its cocoon and spread its beautiful wings.

It is said that the caliph of Baghdad had a 1,000 wives and over 11,000 eunuchs to serve them, among them 3,000 dancers, and it was the biggest place of "religious devotion".

After the rise of Islam in the 7th century, only the Supreme God remained and his ex-daughters were demonized and since then were treated as demonesses, their temples ruined and forgotten, and that was the end of history for Yasen and those like him...

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