Xim at Work

Xim piloting his impossibly small patrolling hovercraft, in fact one of the smallest piloted hovercrafts on the planet Manipu. Only category A pilots can have the license to use this type of hovercrafts and this special category is assigned only to pilots with extremely slim and flexible bodies. There's a special class in every flight academy on Manipu that trains kids since an early age to be fit for this category.

This type of hovercrafts is used for patrolling districts and reporting crimes and suspicious behavior, and also in various rescue missions, as well as for exploring the abandoned districts of Manipu. Once the pilot finds something suspicious he must report to his knight.

After graduating from the flight academy with the category A license on his hands, Xim got his first job in the district assigned to the knight called Krieg and that was also the beginning of his first true love...

What do you think? 😄
Yesterday when I saw this picture I could not help but to laugh for a while! It is so cute. I like his name and story as well. I have nothing more to add than it made me laugh for a while :-) so funny image!
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Hehe...now I remembered the Polish video game "Observer" where you had things like that patrolling the area and you had to make it across the field and avoid getting into the lights. Now to think they were piloted by cuties like him 🤣 Read more
Que posicion tiene el piloto en la nave? se puede intuir ... pero estaria bien verlo
What position does the pilot have in the ship? you can guess ... but it would be nice to see it Read more
Muchas gracias! Tal vez tendré que dibujarlo en algún momento ^^
Thank you very much! Maybe I'll have to draw it at some point Read more
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