World Famous Oversplit

A birthday gift for dear friend Aldric ^.^ It's her elf Aaulin, a goldsmith and a chief of the Oriental elven tribe, he is also famous for his divine-like flexibility, which was discovered ever since he was a very young child and continued to only flourish to his teens and on, thanks to a very good teacher that the tribe has.

This oversplit was the masterpiece of Aaulin's contortion teacher Emaryl, first achieved when the boy was around 9 or 10 if I remember correctly (the only picture of Aaulin's oversplit I can find is Aaulin's Secret by Aldric Cheylan but I think there were more sketches of it ^.^), anyway since then it only got better and now Aaulin can do this beautiful but nearly impossible pose completely by himself, without assistance or any kind of ribbons. Of course no shorts, thighs or breeches in the world can possibly survive this stretch, so he has to go with the smallest thong he can find... ^///^

Because of his phenomenal flexibility, Aaulin has been treated like a deity by the village's local temple. Alas it only means that he has to perform in the temple from time to time and all for free, but since many elves in this tribe practice contortionism and always gather in the temple to watch him, so he doesn't mind to serve as their inspiration and even gives them tips for painless and effective stretching. Though his favorite trainee is of course his own younger brother Aorev, whom he tries to teach every single trick and pose he knows.

Much like his own teacher, Aaulin hates pain and instead teaches extreme flexibility through very precise, careful and smart techniques, often comparing contortion to goldsmithing and saying that nobody rushes to craft a jewel by hitting the hammer as hard as possible; knowing what to twist, where to relax and what to pull – and the best times during the day to do all that – can help to unlock the body's most fantastic natural abilities that are often simply hidden at first!

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