❄️ Winter Fairytale

A slightly better version I think 😅

What do you think? 😄
Playful And Sexy 💕 Read more
Sounds like an ideal motto for any great circus! 😁 Read more
stretching with friends like that so soo much fun Read more
Especially when you can return the favor afterward and stretch them back! 😁 Read more
I think better background in this one and outfits more fitting the look for prefomer outfits Read more
Yeah, the previous background was a bit too cluttered because it was one of the first ones I ever made using AI tools back in 2022 when they were completely new. So was mainly experimenting to see if AI could help me create some backgrounds because they're so tough to draw by hand or model in 3D. Read more
Poor boys, clearly not strong enough to stretch Andrzej as much as he wants. They should have called Danny for help.
A wonderful picture in every sense. I miss your multi-figure compositions. (But I understand that they take much more effort and time)
For some reason, I am especially fascinated by Yasha's new pants. I mean, I am in love with Yasha, but now I am really talking about the pants: the fabric, the style, the color, I like everything about them. If I were offered to choose between Yasha and his pants, I would even hesitate for a second...

Sasha M Read more
Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm glad you liked this picture! Multi-figure compositions do require more effort than single character ones, but they're always worth it when the idea is good enough.

Haha, it definitely looks like Andrzej could stand an extra 90° or more with ease from his serene expression. And yes, Yasha's pants are lovely! You can't help wondering what kind of performance he puts on wearing those. At the very least, it must be some sort of belly dancing contortion, though I bet it would look hot even if he just sat there doing nothing. 😝 Read more
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