❄️ Winter Fairytale

Chapter 2

Part 2 of the charming and inspirational retelling of an old legend about the fact that imagination is the best gift of all...Reading Time: about 4-6 minutes

"Hurry up, boys, the show starts in 5 minutes!" The three boys heard the voice of the ringmaster.

Ever since Andrew Smith and Jason Frost moved to their new bigger house, they met a new neighbor, Helmut Young, who lived right across the street and worked in the local circus as a contortionist.

Helmut was very excited to find out that both of his new neighbors were amazing contortionists too, so they immediately joined their forces and since then never skipped a day of stretching together. Each of them could now be stretched not by one but by two other boys, which quickly boosted their skills in great ways.

Of course, the local circus was more than pleased to get such amazing performers, and once it was the time of big festivities, the troupe went to the capital city to show their most gifted performers to the most demanding audience.

When it was almost the time to go, Andrew told the other boys that he cannot go because he has no special gifts, the capital city's own contortionists must be way gifted than the three of them, making them look like silly boys from the village.

Helmut hugged him tight: "There are no greater gifts than the ones coming from your spine. Just put your spine into it. Everything is possible to the willing spine."

Andrew was convinced by the three strong proverbs in a row and went with the troupe, but in the end he started hesitating again and refused to perform on stage on the first day of the festivities. Instead, he took out a box of modeling clay that always helped him when he felt stressed.

Jason was very good at sculpting and had taught Andrew how to sculpt beautiful bendy boys, so Andrew made a boy figurine out of clay and tried how far he could bend it, at least it wasn't limited by bones and joints, bending it in every imaginable way was so relaxing.

When Andrew bent the clay boy backwards so much that his little head touched his own crotch after passing between his legs, all of a sudden the clay boy spoke to him: "Well done! Now bake me in this pose and then go to your two friends and ask them to stretch you as much as they can. When they do, close your eyes and think about me, imagining your body is made of clay."

Andrew shook his head, thinking he must have fallen asleep and seeing things, but the bendy clay boy only nodded to him from his extreme backbend. Full of curiosity, Andrew went straight to this friends who practiced some twists and oversplits with each other's help, and asked them to stretch him into a backbend and tug as much as they could.

The boys hesitated at first but Andrew convinced them to just try, as they could always stop at any moment.

Andrew's body bent backwards and his head passed between his own legs from behind, and as he relaxed himself while being tugged by his twio friends, his head went so much further that he suddenly felt the back of it against his own crotch! It was a strange new feeling, but even there it didn't stop and stretched further and further, until his backbend was so extreme that he could totally feel his thighs squeezing the sides of his waist!

Andrew relaxed in this amazing stretch as much as he could to get used to it, meanwhile the other two boys were unable to believe it how far they were able to stretch their friend all of a sudden! After they were done, they immediately went all over him with questions about what kind of medicine or magic he just used to do a backbend like that!?

Andrew told them about the clay boy, remembering his words: "Don't worry about how it actually looks, just imagine how far you want to stretch and keep thinking about me. Your true passion is your real gift, once you put your spine into it, the audience will get the best backbend they had ever seen!"

The same evening, Andrew did his first performance in the Big Circus and instantly became a new star in the mind of every contortion fan in the capital. And those fans had seen a lot indeed, even the capital's best jesters had to twist like wet clothes to impress them.

Everybody talked only about Andrew's unbelievable backbend, they didn't know there was more coming... Helmut Young was already working on the most amazing oversplits, and Jason Frost was almost ready to demonstrate the most amazing torso twist the world had ever seen!

Each of the three boys sculpted their personal clay boy that they baked in the pose they always dreamed to do, and they kept their clay boys as talismans and reminders of their goals.


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