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To bend or not to bend is not the question

William Page: "The question is, can I bend a little more?"

Daily Bend Magazine presents Hoops of Tomorrow! The prettiest femboys in sports from all over the world! Today with us we have William Page, a poet and a painter gymnast from England!

William's interest for the medieval European culture started at an early age when his mother used to read him all the books about knights and bandits. While studying the books' illustrations, Williams eyes were literally glued to the sight of tiny waists that the medieval Europeans were sporting as the main fashion thing.

His mother bought him his first corset on the boy's 8th birthday and he couldn't ask for more, even a bit overdoing it so his mother had to think how to improve his health and blood circulation without yelling at the boy to not wear the closet so tight all day!

"After all it was me who gave it to him," says William's mother. "I talked with other mothers and got an advice to take him to ballet classes."

But little William did the ballet for only a short while, before the teacher found his body so soft and pliant that he suggested to take contortion classes instead.

By the age of 18, William did not only grow to his ideal of the medieval European beauty but also learned to play a lute, to sing, to write poetry, to paint and to bend into most unbelievable shapes. His interests included everything about his favorite historical period.

"I would always attend to every medieval-style roleplays and festivals in England, usually role-playing a noble page-boy or a jester or a bard."

Despite already being so talented, William has a lot of plans for the future. First of all, learn the art of the corsetiere, not only to design the corset of his dreams but also to attract other wasped models to the business.

"Also thinking of my own medieval art cafe with boardgames and jesters, as a more distant plan though..."

Hope you like! :3 You can also find this work here:


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