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Martin and Erika's Wild Life

The mating of lions usually starts in the early morning, as they slowly crawl out of their beds and start searching for the nearest bottle of oil, which they carefully rub into each other's bodies. This part is important, as it allows the lion and the lioness to warm up their muscles after the rest and prepare for another long day of the mating season.

Apparently this teen lion can't get enough of his female partner, taking his time working with every part of her freckled body. The lioness mainly focuses on the crotch of the lion, making sure the main tool of mating is well prepped for the action.

After their bodies are covered with a thick layer of oil, the now extremely aroused lion and the lioness begin to lovingly wrestle, which is also an important part during which the male can feel his manly power over his slightly weaker female companion.

It is very necessary to develop the inspiration required for hours of mating to come, but the lioness doesn't let him win over her too easily, to make sure that the male is strong enough to be the father of her future cubs.

Eventually, the slightly exhausted lioness playfully spreads her legs to the sheer enjoyment of the young lion. To show himself and further prove his strength, the lion grabs the lioness's legs and stretches them further apart. The female purrs of pleasure and excitement but soon starts naughtily biting the male lion's lips as they keep thirstily kissing, to show that he's quite overdoing it with the stretching.

After letting her only a few moments to relax, the lion goes back to spreading her legs further and further until they're finally wide enough and the lion himself is ready for the main part.

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