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Welcome to Die

A little gift for Aldric, inspired by the jewel she crafted by herself, the very first jewel she crafted in fact! ^.^ Sadly, this jewel's picture is currently not published, but she shared with me a picture of it via skype and I liked it so much! :3 I could immediately see it worn by some character as an ear-ring, I thought it would make beautiful ear-rings. And then this idea grew to this picture where I used these jewels on this random naga character. So I also wanted this to be a gift for Aldric and a thank you for the inspiration ^-^

The title is just a joke said by one of the characters in the silly game I'm playing right now called "Borderlands 2", so I thought the phrase fits very much a sexy snake like him XD Because it's also a play on the French phrase "la petite mort" which means "the little death" and is an idiom for orgasm XD But you know, with snakes there's always a danger that a little death may grow O.o

Ear-rings designed by Aldric ©

#anthro #for Aldric Cheylan #naga
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