👻 We Want Candy

Gotta see them when the sun goes down
Ain't no finer ghosts in town!

Herbutt and Nab want candy and they got some tricks up their sleeves~ 👻

Perfectly dreadful. Better not get my house egged by those hot ass chicks...

What do you think? 😄
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Besides the extreme cinching and contortions, which I don't like, I find your skill, artwork and models to be exquisite! I always return here to see what you have come up with and glad that your site is up and running again. So thanks for you having this lovely collection for all to see.
I have secretly fallen in love with a couple of your models, especially Falaerin Anderson. =)
Moore please! Read more
Really? But I think waist cinching and contortions is what makes my art stand out 😌
Falaerin Andersson is also quite flexible, since all elves are naturals, he finds it hard to understand how it may be difficult for someone to put their legs behind their own head. He doesn't care very much to outshine his bendier friends from Flex Cafe though. Just a curve or two here and there to warm up a client maybe, but I think he really knows far more sex poses than bendy poses 🤣 (and he didn't learn the legs-behind-head one from some yoga gym 😏) Read more
Woo spoopy bois :3 Read more
Gotta poke the spooky bois 👻👻👈😜 Read more
=) I don't mind flexibility to a certain extent. But hey, it's your world here, keep up what you're doing. Just give me (us) more Falaerin, haha. I don't mind his elven friends either, they're quite the hotties. ;-) Read more
Haha, ok. Well, I don't mind flexibility to any extent, including turning people into human dough 🤣 Read more
Thoraxless/nippleless costumes are the best Halloween costumes for cute boys. Really should be the only option for them. Thank you for this Samhain treat, Yuni! Read more
No problem! I started with simple leotards then though it would be sexy to have open chests on them and then I though hoodies will make it even better. It's at this point they started resembling ghost costumes... now only had to add the sleeves! 😝 Read more
Reminds one of the work of Willi Kissmer, a German artist whose use of fabric on human form accented the best of his subjects. Well done! Read more
Thank you! Never heard of this artist before but did think of Lady Gaga while making this 😄 Read more
Be nice if I could find a costume like theirs. It looks sexy *and* quite comfy. Be nice to lounge around in, admiring my legs being shown off while giving myself a *special* treat. : 3 Read more
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