💧 Water Snake

"Hi guys!" Andrzej waved at his class mates, he was in his regular jacket but underneath it was nothing but a thin layer of shiny bodysuit covering his smooth slender body all over.


"I have a performance after school in this new outfit and I wanted to get used to people staring at me while I'm wearing it," he blushed.


"It's a Vraexol Suit, it's basically a living creature in the form of a bodysuit, like the Venom alien in Spiderman... Once you're willing to be the host for the bodysuit, it will give you abilities of its own as an exchange for being able to live with you," he batted his eyelashes and blushed.


Andrzej rolled his eyes. "It's adding special abilities to humans... A symbiotic rubber suit... These suits have some kind of intelligence in them... Basic decisionmaking, the ability to talk to the wearer through telepathy..." he bent his fingers counting, trying to remember the list of features on the package.


"Yeah but... oh and instead of being created through nanobots, these suits are actually alive! Cyberskin Industries are giving these Vraexol suits out secretly to those who are willing to test them..."


"I... well... it's all over the net... it intrigues me..." he giggled to himself. "So yeah, I received this suit yesterday, it was so comfortable... I love bodysuits but this one... it felt... alive! I loved the effects on my body so much that I decided to sleep in it..."


"Next morning... ugh, I wanted to take a shower... even though my body wasn't itching... I spent all night in it but it felt even better... Just wanted to take it off for a few minutes anyway, take a shower and put it back but... I found myself unable to take it off! After a long struggle I ended up taking a shower anyway, while wearing it..."


"O mój Boże!! It felt fantastic! So refreshing and I didn't even need to use the dryer, the suit absorbed all the water and somehow... I felt like, uh, like the water somehow... like my body absorbed it and softened me... I went straight to the mirror and did some bends and twists to enjoy how my body looked when contorting in this suit..."


"I was able to twist so much that even I couldn't believe it! It's like I had water instead of bones... I called my circus and told them I'm going to do a special show today! And they better make sure the shower is working!"


"But I still need to get used to other people seeing me like this... So I decided to wear it at school. In fact, you guys mind watching a little rehearsal? I'll give you a preview of this beauty..." Andrzej turned around to show off and teased, caressing his sides and hips sensually.

"Bubbly butt!"

"Oh shut up!! 😂"

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What do you think? 😄
Could you please draw some pic of bendy ladies? Thanks! Read more
As if he'd need that suit to bend like this... ;) But if he doesn't need it anymore (and can take it off, though), I'm more than willing to buy it from him. ;) Lovely! Read more
Como le aprieta sus parte en la pinza de la contorsion, debe ser incomodo con ese traje de licra, parece que su cuerpo son dos partes y van en direcciones opuestas, magnifico. Read more
Wondeful, and I love the story! Read more
That bodysuit makes him soft as liquid even in regular poses! And his classmates must have helped him a lot! Read more
Wow love it, more of this bodysuit please! Read more
¿Sera capaz de meterse en la caja diminuta y que la llenen de agua? Read more
Absolutely love it! I would love to see what the limits of this suit are on him! A great pair! Read more
Word "magical" is proper for such heavenly colors! Andrzei's legs are extra unique!! they are human legs and yet they are most wonderful magical snake at same time - that texture!!!
Oh which visitor of this pages did not dreamt at some point in their lives about: how it would feel to have body like real snake - which is different than even having stretchy "rubber" one.

But this story goes beyond and merges that idea with advanced slick suit. I would like to think, suit is alive but not full personality, it just lend its user not only crazzy abilities, but also skill to use and enjoy them properly. And so Andrzei is still boy he was and yet few times a day he has now irresistible urge to curl into most insane shapes and enjoys it more than a sex. Of course why not rubb firmly that growing bulge during such moments too for some eXtra sensations. Afterwards his new skinn just feels way more comfotable. I think he is very unique now, as "feel" of his body must be quite different than that of ie Yasha despite they both doing advanced stuff.

Iam diing to see him all without jacket just curling around something or someone ,-) or even in a box or even around some casual object (hard to chose if one should imagine his tongue getting longer too or if that is something not fitting). Or even turning into real cute knot and wondering how the .... untie now :-D

In any case I think putting jacket and special box here was good idea from artistic point of view! Still if there would be V2 without jacket I would not mind X-) Who knows, maybe his hands are now bit special too! (who needs those elbow joints anyway! Sorrrry if Im going too far)

Love love love it!
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Where can I get one of these suits? 👀 Read more
Gran trabajo!
Te pongo el link a otro video por si te sirve de inspiracion, tanto las poses, el traje o el fisico de la contorsionista <3
m.youtube.com/watch?v=81WANqtIFM4&amp;list=PL65D03E380BDE1B96&amp;index=1 Read more
Can you make more art in the style of octafold the game Read more
Would the liqiud boy be filled with box in the next chapter ? Read more
As others have already said, I think Andrzej owe's us a demonstration of the suit's limits. They boy is already incredibly flexible by himself, I wonder just how much he can do _with_ the suit. I'm even afraid that being forcefully twisted by someone might not cut it. He might have to resort to some extreme machinery to dislocated, bend, and twist all of his joints to their absolute (in)human limit.

I'm sure that that box is no match against him!

P.S. This piece reminded me of "You See", probably one of your best artworks of your 2D era. Is this foreshadowing for a 3D remake? Read more
www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHE5KTc6YT8 - I beleive this to be a perfect soundtrack for the futuristic arts you make. Hope you enjoy, too. Read more
can he fit inside that box? Read more
Sure 😏 Read more
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