Wasped Dancer 💃

Found our collab with Aldric and was inspired by it! 😘

Although the whole matter of tight-belting in Beltimore was originally caused by starvation, it later evolved into a fashion thing and the main tourist attraction.

All wasped-waisted youths formed a social class of their own and were treated with great respect, normally enjoying doubled or tripled income from any job from waitress to prostitute, but it's the dancers who earned the most.

The waist size of a dancer would be almost directly proportionate to their wealth. The size of 12 inches started the top tier, the achievement that practically guaranteed that an otherwise attractive person would become famous, wealthy and traveled in no time.

Needless to say the wasped dancers were all carefully measured and had to do monthly certification for the official rankings, on top of that they would often be measured at the beginning of their performance just to excite the audience even more...

But all that was very long ago...

Before Sergio, the city didn't have a single wasped dancer who reached the top tier of 12" in many decades. Until finally the one was born to bring back the ideal.

Although children were never certified until they turned 18, Sergio still was a sight to see ever since his tender years. His mother liked to remember that when he was a baby, he would only calm down if she massaged his waist, but then he'd never let her stop and it could take so long that the only way to take a break would be to tug a scarf around his waist.

Eventually he learned to get upset whenever the scarf was removed, so having something tight around his waist became a habit that never changed in all these 18 years. Even while bathing he'd wear a tight rubberband on his waist and he was a daily visitor to the city's best corsetiere who'd apply a steel training belt on his waist, the most severe training method known to tight-lacers.

Unofficially he was already a prodigy dancer for many years but on his 18th birthday he officially went on top of the rankings, certified for the first time measuring only 11 and a half inches! It was a whole inch more than some of his recent unofficial measurements but Sergio didn't complain, only set the goal to get to 10" in official measurements one day.

Dance-wise, Sergio was way too good to have only a single style. He really pushed himself to get as good as possible at both bellydancing and classical ballet, but also took pole-dancing classes to amaze the instructors who almost never had the "wasped" people in their gyms.

Pole-dancing was indeed the most difficult but also looked the most original and was a good source of strength. Bellydancing was the best source of income as the most wealthy people were crazy about topless femboys in skirts and expensive jewelry.

Sergio enjoyed that they often let him keep the diamonds and gold after the performance but his own favorite was ballet, as he loved large halls and not being restricted in his dancing by anything other than his faithful tight belt!