Wasped Bellydancer 💍

Not Sergio's MOST favorite job but definitely the most well-paid. Nothing entertains the wealthy more than topless femboys in skirts and expensive jewelry. If you know how to be sexy and easy-going, the job feels almost like cheating!

The expensive diamonds and gold rarely belong to the dancer but one some special events it all may come into his possession as a special prize for being the best boy of the evening. As the top dancer in Beltimore, Sergio enjoyed a long strike of wins and enough prizes to invest into a beautiful mansion for his family! 🤑

"topless femboys in skirts"
I'm not wealthy, but I can vouch that there is nothing more entertaining or delightful than topless femboys.
Sergio looks absolutely stunning. I suspect he will cause many divorces, when wives see their husbands drooling over him. Because family life and "traditional values" suck when you are in the presence of Yuni's boys.
So true, a perfect effeminate face and hair and suddenly a boy's chest, that combination is always delightful.
I think wives don't need such a refined reason to make a divorce, they merely need a sudden idea in their head to steal half of their husband's hard earned property 😌
Wasped bellydancer seducer!
Sergio, you got it .. um, me!
I want to buy him for MY Harem !!
💌 What do you think?

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