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Wasped Anatomy

Amazing how complex the human internal anatomy is! Now I'm scared to play with the body the way I used to XD Okay, maybe just a little... for as long as it's just a drawing, right? :3

Anyway, this is a study of Jim's anatomy that was done by his medical consultant Dr. Dorianne Smith. She was interested in circus artists who made a career for themselves out of body modifications and Jim was among the most interesting artists she ever saw. She ended up publishing a detailed and well illustrated article about him, then for several years she consulted him about the human anatomy completely for free and it's mainly thanks to her deep knowledge of anatomy that Jim managed to reach the peak of his talent.

True or false? Jim's performance included a trick where he'd be lifted in the air by tightening a cord wrapped around his waist. It's...true! Jim did actually do that, he was the Houdini of tight belts and the Mozart of corsets.

Commoners usually considered him a freak of nature but still paid to watch his show, probably wanted to see him choke on one of his belts one day. Among the circus folk he was known as a hard worker and a big inspiration. Medics were often curious to study him and bugged him with their radiograms a lot. A couple of times he was even hired by art schools as a live model.

And I'm saying "was" because he was active in the USA 1930s during the Great Depression - many people at the time had to keep their belts tight figuratively speaking, but Jim managed to materialize this metaphor and became quite a popular performer over it. So it was long time ago.

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