👛 Walther the Thief

Walther is a famous figure in his city, but his real identity is hidden in the shadows. As a popular performer at the local tavern, this fella can twist his slender, scantily clad body, even go as far as letting people in the audience stretch him as they please.

That's all people know about this fearlessly bendable cutie, but this young man's sexy appearance is meant to deceive, he will get into your pants with one hand and empty your pockets with the other! This is especially convenient in the evening tavern atmosphere, where most drunkards do not pay attention to their spendings and are unlikely to remember every detail in the morning.

But Walther is not limited to evenings, at night he greets his old friend Darkness, his main assistant, literally climbing into every possible hole that he can only find in the houses of filthy rich people to ease their excessive burden.

Most of his gear is random stolen loot, but it's very practical, especially body oils and nylon stockings, which can make him nearly immune to accidental stuckage. Fortunately, many wealthy young lads have wardrobes full of such items and are too dizzy keeping their waist below nine inches to notice the disappearance of a few panties, earrings, stockings, lingerie gloves and all sorts of things that the tavern regulars are gonna love to see on their favorite twister.

As a young teen, Walther was a more traditional purse-picker, even then already having double-jointed fingers, but it was his cousin Leslie who helped spreading the magical bendability across Walther's whole body. This effete long-haired relative once stayed at Walter's house for the whole summer, every morning practicing something he called "Yoga", which attracted all of Walther's attention.

Being able to convince his cousin to train him was a true life changer! They bonded quickly, so much closer than they should have as "relatives", but the most seductive lessons proved the most valuable for Walther's cunning schemes. His looks and fashion soon became as irresistible as his blond cousin's.

And thus the angel Leslie gave birth to the demon Walther, one of the most twisted creatures the shadows have ever hid!

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awesome!! hope to see more from walther (maybe performing) in this style <3 Read more
Thank you!! Isn't he kind of already performing here 😅 But won't hurt to see more for sure! Read more
Classic hearthwarming and charming moment thanks this beauty and his twisted story! Thanks for brightening our day once more even with this darker character :))
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Very glad you liked him! ^^ Read more
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