Voldo Cosplay

Every Daily Bend reader knows that we always try to attend to every anime convention to look for cosplayers inspired by martial arts anime and video games, and we always take pictures of people cosplaying Chun Li, Cammy, Dhalsim, Bayonetta and many other characters famous for the flexible looks and moves they display in video games. But this time we have witnessed something exceptional!

Jayson T. has been a huge fan of the character Voldo from the Soul Calibur video game series for many years now. Voldo became a great inspiration for him at the age of 15 and made the boy for the first time discover his fascination with flexibility.

Voldo's graceful fighting style is based entirely on contortionism, making him the most unpredictable fighter imaginable. He'd normally walk around arching backwards on all fours, resembling a spider, even worse that his crotch is covered by a huge spider's mask, making even the strongest enemies feel really unsettled. In the game Voldo is blindfolded and does not rely on sight, which enables him to attack his opponent even while facing away from him and his attacks often involve backbending.

During fights Voldo is very aggressive, brutal and scary and might seem more like a monster than human, but he has another face and another side to his character. Whenever he gets back home in Italy to rest, he reveals his sensual and charming side, his love for carnivals, masks, fancy weapons, dancing, wine and of course contortionism.

Jayson told us that when he fell in love with this character, he was already practicing martial arts for some time, but he quit to sign up for a yoga gym which he's been visiting religiously for many years since, dedicating all his spare time to stretching to be as graceful as Voldo.

He admitted being a big fan of Daily Bend and willingly agreed to show us his very best exclusively for our magazine. We hope that all our readers will enjoy this incredible one-of-a-kind twist which Jayson himself called "the tripod"!

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Yeah, I saw your other comment and remembered I had a pic of Voldo already but for some reason it wasn't up on the website, so I uploaded it! So glad you found it before I even told you 😜 Read more
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