A new illustration of Dariush Lovehorn, the Black Thaumaturge :3

This is not contrition, I can do it as well. Me too, I have no idea why so many people can't do it 😅
My android and stupidoit phone changed contortion with contrition ... why ? Bwahaha 🤣
To the guest commenter above,

Not everything Yuni does is extremist contortion. Sometimes she does simpler Yogik postures, such as seen here. I'm thankful it's for that.

As for your Android phone changing your text, it happens to me all the time on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. That is why I hate writing on them. Try going into the settings of your phone and disabled auto-correction, predictive texting and whatever else you find.

Actually I only started making art because I liked contortionists since I was roughly 6 years old, flexibility is definitely my most favorite thing that people have ever invented on this planet. It can look erotic in a way, but it's also aesthetically pleasing and just simply a beautiful thing to do on many levels, including that it takes years to master. And the best part, contortion can be combined with almost anything else that people find beautiful/sexy, which makes it an endless well of possibilities 😉
One of my favorite images from your DA gallery !
💌 What do you think?

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