Vincent Black

"Rub my rubber!" 🀣

Our new OC! Lewd emo boy with high heels and a belly fetish.

πŸ“Œ Main fixation: male torsos/bellies, specifically his own, since he can remember. Also everything black. And rubber :3

πŸŽ“ Formal education: graduated the boys' school of oriental make-up and practical bellydancing in the caliphate of California, where he grew up.

πŸ”¬ Currently studying: the history of bondage fashion in Venice as an exchange student, also taking some hyperextension courses in the evening.

πŸš€ Future plans: to come up with a new form of dance, combining bellydancing, high heels and extreme flexibility.

πŸ›Œ Greatest friend: Noah who hosts him in Italy and shares with him the bedroom 😘

Thanks to Kito for coming up with ideas of what he should look like! :3

You have an amazing body....of work XD. I wonder, why no one has made countdown lists yet, with that vast variety to pick from.
Here are my top 8 outfits for now:
This outfit is very simple and not revealing. But I love, how the cloth falls over his body. There is no distracting pattern, only the muscles and folds of the cloth interacting in interesting ways. It appears so cozy and can easily be taken on and off.
High cut leotards are damn sexy, and I like the combination with an elegant winter theme instead of the usual summer sportiness. Also the transparency and puffy sleeves are nice.
IΒ΄m a sucker for crop tops. This one combines the easy feel of the madhouse outfit with effective seductiveness. The red is gorgeous and the perforation adds an interesting accent without overloading it.
These are a bit more elaborate, but still practical. They are very tastefully accentuating the body. I love the colors and ornaments.
Long cloaks and hoods are epic, black and gold never get old, and that combined with a fully exposed front is the most badass outfit to show, who is the boss.
These are some exceptionally beautiful wedding dresses. Usually IΒ΄m not that much into wasping, but here it works so well with the skirts and cutouts, and the idea to use it as wedding rings is lovely. The silhouette and the alternation between skin and cloth create very aesthetic shapes.
I have already written how hot this is, and this is still true. Tight bodysuits are nice in themselves, but creative cutouts make them awesome. This one is so anti-modest and arousing.
This one. Similar reasons. I immediately fell in love with this picture. To frame this glorious chest with deep black and sparkling studs is brilliant. The studs are repeated on the shoes, itΒ΄s perfect.
People are very different, maybe in fact you're unique that you thought of this little parade idea! And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this fun because when I'm told that something looks good I always feel like experimenting more in that direction. Sometimes I'm so happy reading comments that I can't even reply right away because I'm too inspired to go and start a new picture based on something that triggered me in a comment.

I agree with literally every point you made here, all these nuances are definitely my favorite as well and it's nice to have them on the list. Wasping is just to see how small the human waist can be, but I agree it's better if it creates aesthetic shapes, much like contortion creates beautiful shapes.

Haha, I like the word "anti-modest", I was thinking of "reverse clothing" before but not thought of "anti-modest". Awesome! And yeah, Vince REALLY loves his torso (not just his, but refined boy torsos in general), so I think the reason he wears black is just to bring more focus to his favorite area 😏
IΒ΄m happy, if I could inspire you. There are more categories, I would like to make lists on. Hopefully, it doesnΒ΄t get too redundant.

No, thank you for doing it! I'm curious! 😏
πŸ’Œ What do you think?

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