Vincent Black

"Rub my rubber!" 🤣

Our new OC! Lewd emo boy with high heels and a belly fetish.

📌 Main fixation: male torsos/bellies, specifically his own, since he can remember. Also everything black. And rubber :3

🎓 Formal education: graduated the boys' school of oriental make-up and practical bellydancing in the caliphate of California, where he grew up.

🔬 Currently studying: the history of bondage fashion in Venice as an exchange student, also taking some hyperextension courses in the evening.

🚀 Future plans: to come up with a new form of dance, combining bellydancing, high heels and extreme flexibility.

🛌 Greatest friend: Noah who hosts him in Italy and shares with him the bedroom 😘

Thanks to Kito for coming up with ideas of what he should look like! :3