Victorian Laddie

"Looks like the job is done, young Master."

"No holes?"

"No holes or gaps, laced as tight as it can be, just like you wanted."

"Perfect. Tie it up and bring my boots, I'll go around the garden to get used to it. This one drives me crazy already!"

"Yes, sir."

Jim and John roleplaying a young victorian noble and his servant. Jimmy got his hands on an interesting corset in some shop and they couldn't sell it for 3 years because of its insane size of 10 inches (was it crafted by some joker?), in fact Jim was the only person who ever got interested in it but he said he had no money but swore he would totally wear it if he could, so the seller gave it out for free in exchange for a promise that one day Jim would visit again while wearing this corset.

Oh, and John still had the tan from the time they roleplayed something from the Arabian Nights, so he's rp'ing a hot servant now :3

So Adorable ! Mmmm . Something from the Arabian Nights ? Sounds intriguing; Harem slaveboyand Arab Master ? Such imaginative boys 💕
💌 What do you think?

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