Ups and Downs πŸ™ƒ

Had this idea, I don't know if it's sexy but it looked like fun to me :3

Rosa as a jester and her fellow knight friend Lawren helping out. After skipping a few days of training, she needs to get back in shape 😘

The pose and the bodysuit are both perfect😍😍😍 Very glad you liked them!
Wonderful! Another fantastic idea, so original and fun! I'm loving it! Thank you for your continuous stream of stunning artwork!
Thank you so much!
Absolutely love Rosa and this is a really cute pose. Is it just me or is her chest still flat from the previous picture? I love the team up contortion pictures, it always seems like they can get even better bends with help from a friend. Very glad you liked! Yup, her chest is flat, we decided to keep it that way for now to get the flattest folds 😜
Really great pic! I don't think we've seen Lawren before, would love to see more of him without the armor on <3 Thank you so much! We'll see it very soon! πŸ˜‰
Your works are always new and interesting. Few last images are among most memorable.

Oh Rosa can fly now too?! :-) I guess with pair of friendly legs even that is easy feat.
Can guess knight's armor is inspired by previous Angel breastplates, but almost all parts are brand new and shiny beyond golden bars! in his vault. I mean it must have been very hard to catch all reflections and look just right.

And If Iam not making things up again after much staring I can see letters Luv/Lov(e) :-) Rosa's look toward Lawren hinting I may be right, further :-))
Iam delighted... and can't say much more now.
Thank you so much! Sorry if it looks like Rosa is floating, that wasn't the intention πŸ˜› At first I wanted to put a chair under her but then removed it because it looked better without it and she could get a better fold that way I'm sure :P

Hmm, i think the knight's armor is exactly the same armor as the angels. Maybe she's one of those knights or it's their uniform or something.
Not sure where do you see the Luv letters? πŸ€”
Sometimes a simple unitard is the hottest thing to showcase flexibility. Contrasted with the elaborate suit of armour it’s great. Almost has a vibe of bending is the only thing I do, this is all I need to wear. Maybe that’s all over-analytical ahaha. Anyway lovely piece. Thank you so much, very glad you enjoyed! Yeah somehow when someone is wearing a unitard or leotard they look a lot more flexible already 🀣
She looks extra happy... and the fact that she is also in the air without using her legs is almost as if she can fly :-) very beautiful! Image itself is perfect and everyone can see she is in the air because preassure against column.
I thank you! Even name of this piece (and others too) is so smart. Been watching their happy moment for many times already.
You know what I'll do my best to somehow finish Noah ministory, it will never be as good as your work, but who know, maybe it will cheer you just a very little bit. I want you to happy again very very much!
Thanks again! Looking forward to the ministory! :3
I keep wondering how they got into that position? ;D Lovely! Thanks! Actually I'm not sure how they got into that position πŸ˜‚
Yuni, i always wonder, who is your best contortionist character? I don't know, they're all good πŸ˜›
Ha! There is nothing like a good mystery, maybe one day in the future I will figure it out, with one clue ... or two :p
Now I'll proceed to next Lawren's adventure, secrets and sneaky advesaries are his daily bread or so it seems.
Okay haha ...
Your art is always amazing!!!! Thank you! πŸ˜„
Yuni, you may like this and get new ideas:

Love your art! Keep going<3
Sensational... Thanks!
Been working on it whole week... almost finished, but not sure how to end as I have more ideas but that would mean more story. And if I just end it it will be kinda half done... It means much for me you are interested!
Well you can send it here but please post under one of the Noah pictures and not under a random picture.
And if you have difficulties you can call it Part 1, post half of it then finish Part 2 later, maybe we'll have some ideas... πŸ˜‰
Lawren's pose is "L", shield in top is "U" and Rosa's pose is V :-) wow I thought for sure you leveled up on some higher artistic level, maybe in fact you did and it is manifesting all by itself in subconsciousness before getting out on full.
Or it was just my mind trying too much and inserted there something from my own psyche.

Remark on Rosa was meant really as just funny pun - as I was all sure they are loving one another so much and are light as feathers because of it "love makes you fly".
Weren't nitpicking.

In fact I can even imagine answer on other commenter question "how they got in position".
1) Rosa will get in her by being lifted by Lawren then holding column by her hands behind back
2) Lawren will just jump doing same with her hands
3) They can let their hands go and assume final position.

Wish i could condense my thoughts in one clear paragraph, not wall of text. Speaking in english does not help it either despite many years of learning.

Haha, I'd never have thought of that...
And yeah I guess that works if Rosa holds that pole first until Lawren pushes against her and then Rosa uses her hands to bend the legs more :P
It's such a cool idea. The red clothing makes her flash up! A very cool picture!
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