🧲 U Fold

Rosa followed her bodybuilder sister to the fitness gym. "I'll just fit in here whilst you do your fitness, sis!"

While 9 out of 10 housewives contortionists are obsessed with snailing up through their own legs, Rosa actually prefers the classical fold-in-half, instead her dream is to get the flattest backfold in the world!

"Actually it's pretty loose in here, I'm used to squeeze in tighter places!"

Rosa is very inspired by towels and neatly packed clothes. One day, she thinks, it might be possible to fit into a drawer.

Her sister Maria is both strong and quite heavy, being a bodybuilder, so Rosa doesn't have to look for another coach, much like Maria doesn't have to look for another couch, as she could always take a seat on her folded little sister.

"Yeah, and don't forget to mention I like to sleep under my bed, it's heavy and squishes me almost to the floor! Wake up flatter than ever!!"

Yes, that too 😏

© Rosa belongs to TK

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Como te superas con cada ilustracion ....la doblez de la espalda , no deja espacio ni para el aire....magnifico.
As you get better with each illustration.... the fold of the back, does not leave room for air....magnificent. Read more
Es bueno saber que estás emocionado! Al menos se ve bien y está lista para más! 🤩
Good to know you are excited! At least she's looking fine and ready for more! Read more
I came! Read more
Hello then! 😄 Read more
I hope Rosa achieves her dreams of becoming a pancake. She's already exceptionally close. Read more
Can't wait for the T-party! 🥞😋 Read more
Amazing Girl! Read more
Very imPRESSive 😁 Read more
Awesome! Read more
Thanks! 😉 Read more
PERFECT! We need more beauties in bodysuits! :D Read more
Thank you so much! We sure do! 😊 Read more
Really love this character, can't wait to see her being pushed to her limits by her sister ;) Read more
Very glad you like her! Yeah, would be great to see just how flat that girl can get 😛 Read more
Send,more,such,pictures Read more
Благодаря! Картинок уже много, не смотрели ли вы остальную часть сайта? 😉
Thanks! There's a lot of pictures already, haven't you looked at the rest of the site? Read more
Compact and cute! Read more
Thanks and yay! 😊 Read more
Awedsome pic - not that you make any other kind, as a general rule :-) Read more
Yes, I delete pictures that I don't like and also try to not make such pictures 😅 Read more
Look at that tiny waist! I'd love to see Lichard in a pose like that... Read more
Her waist isn't tiny from the front but from the side it can be flattened to the floor when her bodybuilder sister steps on her belly. Rosa is the flattest girl in the world because as they say flattery will get you everywhere! And well, I already did a bendy pic of Lichard 😉 Read more
Thanks to exquisite bodysuit Rosa looks like plushy decoration or living artpiece.
Then I saw story and its even better, wishing to turn herself into towel wow. Bit of band (rope) and she can package herself tight with ribbon for self release. Where normal spine would break in agony hers just fold in delight. Read more
It's easier to squeeze into tight spaces in that bodysuit.
And yeah, normal people would break in agony if they tried pretty much anything other than walking, sitting and sleeping.
I read somewhere that acrobatics was a very ancient practice used by ancient shamans as part of magic rituals, so to trigger supernatural powers they used risky stunts that nobody else would dare to do. I guess that probably included contortions too. That's why contortion always looked like magic to me 🤩 Read more
Gorgeous! Read more
Yay! Thank you! 😊 Read more
So cute smile!! Read more
Hee hee... 🤭 Read more
Love the story on this one! The casualness is what makes it for me 💁‍♀️ Read more
Thanks, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! 😊 Read more
hehe~! Rosa's pretty compressed...but I bet she can get even flatter after a bit of warming-up! Read more
Yup, in fact she's already looking for a smaller cupboard 😝 Read more
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