🌴 Twists on the Beach

In the heart of an enchanting era, where magic and wonder filled every corner, lived a young man named Remy. His life took an unexpected turn at just eight years old when he attended his first mesmerizing circus performance – captivating acts of agility, grace, and unimaginable feats left him utterly spellbound.

This experience ignited within him an insatiable desire to become one of those extraordinary beings who graced the stage under the big top.

As Remy matured into a determined sixteen-year-old lad, he diligently pursued his dream, honing his craft through countless hours spent stretching, bending, and contorting his body alongside his supportive parents. Finally, the day arrived when he was given the opportunity to join the troupe of talented artists that made up the local circus.

It wasn't long before skepticism abounded among seasoned performers – how could such a slender youth possess the physical prowess required for the demanding role of contortionist? However, as word spread about Remy's uncanny ability to bend and twist his body beyond what anyone believed possible, curiosity turned into admiration. The whispers grew louder, and soon, all eyes were upon him whenever he took center stage.

As Remy continued to push the limits of his flexibility, he found himself drawn deeper into the enchanting web of circus life. He learned from those who had come before him, honing his craft while discovering new ways to astound and delight crowds night after night.

🌴 🌴 🌴

As much as Remy cherished every moment spent dazzling audiences beneath the glittering circus tent, even the most agile of contortionists yearned for respite from time to time. So, when the golden sun began to set on another spectacular season, Remy's loving parents decided it was high time they whisked their talented son away to a remote, idyllic island nestled within the heart of a cerulean sea.

The promise of balmy beaches, shimmering turquoise waters, and towering palms swaying gently in the breeze seemed like the very epitome of an escape from the rigorous world of show business.

However, as Remy ventured deeper into the island's verdant jungles and along its pristine coastlines, he discovered that no matter how picturesque the scenery or how alluring the crystal-clear waves kissing the shore, his body simply could not quell its insatiable desire for the intoxicating thrill of bending and twisting itself into the most challenging shapes.

His limbs longed to return to the comforting grip of stretching and contorting his body. And so, amidst this tropical paradise, Remy found himself unable to resist the magnetic pull of the world he had left behind – a world he loved with all his heart, and one he knew would always have him in its grip.

🌴 🌴 🌴

One day, as Remy strolled barefoot along the sandy shoreline, bathed in the golden sunlight, he caught sight of something unusual dangling from one of the palm trees lining the coast.

Intrigued by this strange object, which appeared to be akin to some piece of fishing equipment, Remy approached it cautiously yet curiously. The handle-like structure seemed vaguely reminiscent of his cherished trapeze back at the circus.

With a sudden surge of curiosity and nostalgia, Remy couldn't resist grasping the mysterious handle firmly in his hand. Much to his surprise, it provided ample support for his entire bodyweight; so without giving it much thought, he found himself effortlessly twisting into a complex and demanding contortion pose that only a truly flexible boy like him could hope to achieve.

As warm rays kissed his skin, Remy felt invigorated as he swung gently, twisting to the best of his ability beneath the swaying palm tree, feeling the salty sea breeze caressing his face while the relentless ocean waves crashed against his feet, creating an enchanting symphony of rhythmic sounds around him.

🌴 🌴 🌴

As the golden sun dipped below the horizon, Remy relinquished the peculiar handle and ambled back towards the cozy sanctuary of his hotel room. The day's intensive contortion training had come to an end, and all he yearned for at that moment was repose upon the soft embrace of his bed.

This voyage to the enchanting island served as the perfect opportunity for Remy to unwind and rejuvenate. However, he discovered that a dedicated contortionist would never truly abandon their craft, not even when they find themselves thousands of miles away from familiar surroundings. Their body would invariably crave the exhilaration of bending and contorting in unimaginable ways.

Embracing this newfound insight, with determination etched across his face, Remy embarked on a journey through the tropical paradise, seeking out curious objects and natural wonders that would allow him to explore new realms of flexibility.

He discovered hidden crevices between towering rock formations, where he folded his unbreakable body like origami – the sensation of the rocks gradually encroaching upon him, compressing his body into its most exquisitely compact fold filled him with exhilaration beyond measure. However, nothing could even compare to performing near-360-degree oversplits while hanging serenely in the open air, suspended by a hammock swaying tenderly in the soothing ocean breeze...

In the scorching heat of the day, Remy experimented with the most unusual fantasies he could imagine, pushing his body to the brink as he bent and twisted beneath the sweltering sun, his skin glistening with sweat. He even discovered a unique corset made entirely of seaweed, which he wound around his waist while luxuriating in the sun's warmth. The seaweed hardened under the intense heat, forming a tight, suffocating embrace that both took his breath away and excited him to no end.

As Remy continued his quest for ultimate flexibility, the island seemed to transform around him, as if creating an obstacle course designed specifically for his unique talents. With each passing day, he grew more confident, more powerful – a true contortionist who would never let go of the thrill of stretching and twisting his incredible body, even when miles away from home.

🌴 🌴 🌴

Within the heart of every contortionist, there lies a hidden treasure waiting to be uncovered. For Remy, this revelation came when he least expected it – amidst the shores of a distant island paradise. It was then that he realized the true essence of his craft; not merely confined within the boundaries of the circus tent, but rather extending far beyond its reach into the unknown corners of the world.

For him, it all started from that unusual sight – a palm tree adorned with a intriguing handle. With curiosity piqued, he approached the peculiar object and felt an undeniable connection with its enigmatic presence. Little did he know that this chance encounter would forever change the course of his journey as a contortionist, opening doors to a summer of passion and opportunities never before imagined.

He understood that life is full of unexpected surprises, and sometimes all one needs is a little bit of sand between their toes, saltwater kissing their skin, and an unexplained handle swinging from a palm tree to remind them just how incredible it feels to bend and twist in ways most could only dream of.

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When i see like this photo .its motivat me to bending Read more
Deliciously sweet Beach Boi 💕 Read more
Nice! Version 3.0, if I'm not mistaken. Read more
And the moral of the story is, you can find mindbending joy even on desert island if you only try and have open mind. Good story indeed.

Well and image what to add its very alive shiny and full of positive energy! And that twist is perfect as are his ribs and face.
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One of your big strengths in your writing is atmosphe. It's not something a lot of writers can or will do. There's a lot of "...this person said this, that person said that, and they're in a bar, by the way" or way too many adjectives used for everything. You'd think they would sense a problem when every noun also comes with a minimum of three descriptors - "...and then a tired, haggard, exhausted Jim climbed exhaustedly into his messy, unkempt, bed and ran strong, calloused, firm, fingers through his unwashed, oily, matted, hair...".

They have environments that are just backgrounds in a cheap movie - not good or substantial enough to tolerate the characters interacting in any way. The camera can't move or you'll notice it's a cheap matte. It completely puts the reader outside of the story because it forces a third-person perspective no matter how it's written.

You set a stage in a given environment, then notice how your characters would interact in that environment. The sun and the rocks are just as much characters as Remy is because they have impact on the story. And you do it without a thesaurus and a crippling need to prove how smart you are to the reader.

I loved and ill shut up now. -tbj Read more
Thank you for the compliment! I'm very glad you enjoyed the atmosphere of this story! Though I admit creating such an environment isn't always intentional, there's definitely some intuition at play. It's like the golden ratio, I don't measure it as it's sort of easy to see when a picture lacks a balance and the way I feel the balance intuitively doesn't match the golden ratio anyway. Just like that I can often sense when a narrative feels dull or overly complicated. I haven't delved deeply into any real writing techniques, the instincts are enough to guide me somehow... ;D

But as you said, "The camera can't move or you'll notice it's a cheap matte." That's the reason why I'm trying to add some stories - without them, the pictures look like billboards on a matte background, so to speak. Some artists may opt for complex 3D environments to achieve immersion where you can truly move the camera around, and I find it really funny how beginner artists think that pictures should be self-explanatory and that it should be like a rule for every artist in the world. If art is self-explanatory and you're supposed to make your own interpretation of it, then what's the point of looking at art? Art is supposed to bring something new, not just let your old self judge it. So I personally prefer focusing on storytelling as a means of creating the world inside the reader's mind without using complex methods like 3D worlds. And I'm glad when it works as intended - to make the picture deeper, raise the "waterline" a bit in the viewer's mind :P Read more
I didn't mean your backgrounds were bad or minimal by any means. I meant the matte comment more figuratively - in that a lot of writers tell a story a very specific way because they think it helps cover inadequate writing. They use a lot of adjectives because they think that's "atmosphere"... But if you take out adjectives, if you take out dialogue, is there still a compelling story being told? Not can a story be told from what's left, but did the writer build enough story to survive having those things removed? Even without a stitch of dialogue, the original Jurassic Park is still a nail-biter. Your stories are the same way, in that the reader can pick it apart, pull out huge chunks of it, and it still tells a story I want to hear. So it's like moving the camera during a matte shot - bad writing can't survive the slightest poking or moving.

You do characters, and everything is in service to them. The world, the environments, the politics... all in service of framing compelling characters. That's awesome because they're amazing characters. If you did stories about global politics, your priorities would be different. Speaking for myself, I almost don't care what you do with the characters because I love watching them in new contexts. Martin will always be Martin, no matter the story, because you know your characters and can always be true to them. It's... A writer being able to pull off a multiverse story where all the alternates are also fully realised characters instead of "Spider-Man, but with a funny hat or goatee". A good craftsman knows their tools well enough to use them in unconventional ways - like, hypothetically, training an AI on your own art, to expedite the parts of creation that are less interesting, instead of using it to generate images (and all with the exact same art style for some reason), creating a Patreon, and making $2.15 from gooners while pretending to be an artist. I think a lot of stupid people would see your use of AI as "cheating", and those people simply have zero understanding or appreciation of actual art. Fucking Worhol used a photocopier to literally create an art "Factory". And he didn't even draw one naked boi on a teddy bear.

I think it's a disease of artists who didn't just come up aping manga artist, they never grew past that to create their own thing... And they never stopped to examine what they were copying. A good artist can make a picture with a couple brush strokes. Economy of media tends to create better art - the whole nothing left to add vs nothing left to take away argument. It's constantly like a magic trick where I'll see an artist create a piece I already saw, and a detailed building exterior is a couple lines or a few strokes. They're not painting a building because rivets are boring. They're showing you the "soul" or "impression" of a building, and letting your brain fill in details, which is what separates an artist from a draftsman. Bad artists don't see how to make something complicated into something easy. Anyone can build a birdhouse, a craftsman does it with a minimum of materials and waste.

The other side is someone like Masamune, his backgrounds are painstakingly hyper detailed - down to spokes in discarded bike wheels - but that's the story he's telling. The world Deunan lives in has impact on the characters and story, so he puts detail into them. He's also an insane person who watches German SWAT training videos to get a single panel perfect... But I'm convinced Masamune is an android built only to make the best manga.

All of this is because I'm not a craftsman with language - in fact I suck at it - so it takes me this long to explain a compliment I made because I'm worried it was mistaken for a critique.

All to say that I come to you for your art, the way you do it. I don't come to you for Patric Nagel art and I won't summon his spirit to write illustrated stories about flexible fembois - and one is no more or less good than the other in any respect.

I'm going to shut up now and stop rambling. -tbj Read more
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