Twist o' Doom

The idea belongs to Lord Truhan who suggested a drawing of Guybrush Threepwood in a tripple-fold position (as the result of one of twisted revenge plot of our favorite zombie pirate :D), talking with Murray the skull.

If you haven't played any games from the Monkey Island series, you so should because it's the funniest computer adventure published in the western hemisphere! :D

This picture is also part of the "Monkey Island 3 director's cut: Curse of the Rubber Chicken" series XD

Characters © LucasArts

What do you think? 😄
Be more cautious of the natives, Threepweed. They fear us AHAHAHA!
Man! What are we gonna do now?
Pledge yourself to the forces of darkness and we will complete your training then togheter we will stride through the gates of hell and raise our banner over their smoking ruins. MWHAHAHAHAHA!
All right then, FOLD! FOLD trough the gates of hell. Must you take the fun out of everything? >:D Read more
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