Twist Me If You Can 🌪️

"Is this still not enough oil? I used up a whole bottle!!"

Andrzej is preparing another fanservice for his role of Queen Cleopatra's son in the TV series "Son of Cleo"! 📺

Andrzej, I would twist with you all night.....and day.
Andrzej is perfect from head to toes and this "outfit" is perfect for him. Really, he should never be wearing anything more than a thong. Andrzej would have made "Return of the Jedi" into the most rewatchable film for me. Yup, a perfect ancient outfit. Makes you want Elon Musk to develop the time machine quicker so we can go back to thongworlds.
Yup, that movie and also "Jedi strikes a pose" 🤣
Naaaa, but I would love to twist WITH YOU, you sexy thing.
Hahaha! He didn't even expect that much 🤣
That's fine but 'just in case' i refilled it back up. Give it a few more pumps there! Remember when we go to infiltrate the palace, gotta really sell it :p At this rate he's not going to infiltrate it but slip into it 😝
Twist and chains of gold, like present to the Cesar. Cleo used a rug to meet the emperador. Hmm, I don't recall that but if you say so 😉
Love the look very nice really like the egyptian theme love the hair. Thank you so much!! 😊
Andrzej, you are just so incredible beautiful, ... I must love you!
💌 What do you think?

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