Twist Like a Beast 🐏

Twist like a beast with Andrzej Kowalczyk 😈

supreme body 🤤
Great work! Shouldwe expect a Zodiac 2.0 series of arts? Thank you so much! So far there's only 2 pictures in this new Zodiac series, maybe some day there will be more. The best way to ruin everything is to make a good plan 😌
A Zodiac 2.0 would be neat; if the inclusion of the Eastern Zodiac (or others) were included. A checklist art project, what could go wrong? 😏
Should you find yourself frustrated with your daily toils a good way to shake it off is to head down to the club and bend the devil out of it. :) Sounds like the best stress relief 😀
Exactly a Chimera! Chimera
1. (in Greek mythology) a cock-sucking male monster with a twink's head, goat's horns, and a serpent's spine.
2. a contortion pose that is hoped or wished for but in fact is illusory or impossible to achieve.

Yeah sounds exactly like it! 😁
Dear Yuni, I have been enamoured with your Magic Realism since "way back when" Google Assistant recommended your Alexey flexy pix. I would love to be a Type 2 chimera boy. (Those horns would keep me awake as a Type 1 LOL) Your works are truly thrilling whether naughty or nice! You are the best guaranteed hope for me for a Happy New Year! Thank you, Yuni. Very glad to know it! I can never find my works on Google but I'm not even searching for them because I already have them all... I think? How surprising it would be to find one of my works that I've never seen before! Anyway, sounds like you're a long term fan of Alexey just like many of us! And yeah you're always guaranteed to stay the same happy with my art forever because I'm not a beggar and not looking for any change 😜
Such little goat boi <3 He's a ram, not a goat 😏
Rereading these comments with your new site translation feature is hilarious :D Yeah, so there's no reason to be afraid of Artificial Intelligence, life will be a lot more fun, just like these translations! 😄
💌 What do you think?

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