Turn Loose the Swan

Meanwhile in Russia, Yasha warms the hearts with his newest utopian performance which combines the beauty of man and swan.

"I think the human body is already a masterpiece in itself and there's nothing to add to it," Yasha explains the record-breaking minimalism of his latest outfit.

The performance starts with him wearing large fluffy wings along with a beautiful fluffy coat symbolizing the swan, however as the bending starts, all that is quickly lost in the process, progressing toward the image of young man in nothing but a tiny skin-toned thong that can barely be seen from a few steps away.

"It's a shame that contortionists are supposed to cover their bodies at all when the body is the main instrument of their performance. It's like trying to play a violin without taking it out of the case."

We have to agree with Yasha that the art of many sculptors is appreciated in its nudity, while the art of contortionists can rarely be enjoyed in its absolute purity where every nuance of the body can be seen.

Well, the idea is still very utopian but the more we love Yasha for his determination to give us the best of himself and his talent. As we already know, Yasha himself is a huge fan of art museums and a great admirer of classical nude sculpture.