🍽️ Try Not to Break

Baby Helmut is trying not to break anything... :P

What do you think? 😄
Wonderful!! He looks so adorable xDxD Makes me wish I was there!
--Alldenspa Read more
Very glad you liked! 😁 Read more
Now I want to see a contortionist try this act in real life! Read more
I'm pretty sure I've seen a picture of Jordan McKnight in a deep headsit like that... Read more
Every porcelain collector's rear end just tightned into a knot!

It's always so, so sweet to see the happy faces these OCs have when they're doing what they're good at! Read more
For Helmut it's easy, if you ask him if he likes anything at all besides his contortions, he will think for a minute and say his friend's contortions! 🤣 Read more
I would have tea with him! Read more
😁 Read more
That's a Lot of ' breakage ' if he screws up ! Read more
I love how your can just very slightly see his "Falte Mich" tattoo! Read more
I was meant to remove it on younger Helmut but didn't really finish this picture past the render. Read more
He's so cheeky, it's hard not to love him.
-tbj Read more
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Such talented feet ! Sweet facial expression 💕 Read more
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