Trick or Trap

Give these lil sons of witches all your candies or else!! :3

While their moms are busy witching, the little monsters decided to go around terrorizing the villages for Halloween!

Diego and Lucas are the twin sons of Melonie, the melon witch from Suppleham. To tell them twins apart she taught Lucas frontbends and Diego backbends, but it's still difficult as they got perfect at mirroring each other!

Gabby grew up in Fungaard, the land of shrooms and marshes, where all witches, no matter male or female, are raised as girls and wear girls' dresses. Gabby likes to study mushrooms and their effects on the body, he's currently into ones that give you impossibly limber legs. Trippy stuff!

Sergio is the son of a gypsy fortune teller from Beltimore, aspiring to be as waspy as his mom one day! He's the least athletic of the five but doesn't mean he can't deal with tight situations. Some say he was born with a belt around his waist.

Damien is a trans human from Tanmen, the city of ass-sas-sins. He was biologically born as a cat, but wanting to become a ninja he did a cat-to-human surgery and now threatens to kill anyone who calls him a cat. On a positive note, his body is incredibly flexible and he can stretch like a ca

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