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When The Diet Makes Wonders!

Ulien's curse turned into a blessing after she figured out what exactly alters her breasts and genitalia all the time!

Ulien is well known for loving dangerous situations that she loves talking about back in her favorite tavern. Most of these stories are fake but one day Ulien indeed ran into an argument with a witch who ended up laying a severe curse on our poor lil hooker!

The curse made teen girl's body transform randomly, swinging from a busty woman to a well hung femboy, sometimes leaving her with a completely smooth crotch and all of a sudden making it grow in or out!

But after some time the smart elf finally figured out how the curse works and that it actually depends on the stuff she eats. Immediately she compiled a list of the exact products that alter the size of her breasts and genitalia. Apparently, melons really boosted the cup size, bananas and cucumbers resulted in the penis growth, while a good honey pot could easily bring her beloved pussy back!

So what's for breakfast, Uli?

Hope you like! :3 You can also find this work here:


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