Train Signaller

Signallers are used to regulate train movements using the language of shiny bodysuits and flexible poses XD

Now, I want to drive a train, too. The sight must be amazing Have you seen one of those cab view videos?
There's a lot of them! As if it's not already amazing you replace all the road signs with bendy boys 🤣
Thank you for all the barefoot uniforms, Yuni. You may not have intended it to appeal to me, but I treasure it all the same nonetheless. Glad you like all the barefoot uniforms 😉
That is one sexy bare sole to go with that barefoot uniform! I hope she keeps giving those sexy feet to good use.🥰🥰
And Happy Birthday, too! I hope you're having quite the bendy one!
Hehe, I like how they even cover the face but not the foot, I can't argue with such priorities XD
And wow, thank you so much! 🥂 If my spine grew an extra vertebra every year, I'd be sooo bendy by now! 😜
💌 What do you think?

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