🔫 Toy Soldier

Yasha is forced to take the right side... 😂

What do you think? 😄
Beautifully done!! Read more
Thank you so much!! 😁 Read more
So Hot with his hands bound 🔥 ! Read more
Thanks! 😁 Read more
Doesn't look like 'forced' to me! Read more
Maybe he likes the other side more 😂 Read more
Cool pants. Read more
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"do you mean to bend to my right or your right? as i can bend both at once if needed" :P Read more
"I need clean orders, you keep giving me only dirty ones" 😜 Read more
This guy has a very difficult situation. Read more
You know... at first glance whole situation could seem wrong but when you look closely it is clear that the one who is toying with unseen audience is Yasha. Just one deep look into his luscious seductive eyes tells it all!
Another great thing is capturing X-) of the movement... can totally see Yasha will be in whole different position in blink of an eye!
Shifty Read more
Nah, I just thought he's supposed to be an unbreakable soldier but never had any soldier-like pics... Read more
When is Basil going to be revealed as the captor, and then the incredibly sexy ransom video that would follow? And then Yasha goes full Tonia and joins... I don't know. I ran out of steam. I had a vision of a sexy hostage situation and then it just got away from me.
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