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A poor old sculptor has a grandson who helps him around in the workshop and poses for the sculptures. As the boy grows up, his posing becomes more and more daring until he discovers his own very special talent...Est. Reading Time ~ 15-20 minutes 😤

Once upon a time there was a sculptor who was very poor, mostly had to work with simple stone and could only dream of refined materials like marble and bronze.

His grandson helped him in the workshop the best he could. Watching his grandfather at work, turning blocks of stone into all kinds of young angels, teh boy was very delighted that he could help around, being a model for all those nice sculptures.

The stone boys were like his brothers, he stroked them dearly and talked to them and was a bit sad every time one of them got sold, but whenever that happened they had a better meal and his grandfather was very happy, so the boy learned it's a good thing if they sell better and he tried to put his soul into every pose he did for his grandfather.

As he grew up to teen age, some of his younger "brothers" were still there but the newer sculptures were getting sold more and more quickly. Sometimes so fast that the sculptor couldn't even enjoy his own work for a couple of days and it was already sold!

Indeed the boy's beauty flourished and his grandfather was sometimes stunned looking at his own grandson as if seeing a real angel in the flesh... But something else was also changing about the boy. Sometimes his poses seemed a bit surreal, just the curve of his back or the position of his legs that looked very elegant but on a closer look, as supple as children can be, it was difficult to believe that a normal child's joints could bend that way...

The grandfather guessed it must be because the boy had to hold the same pose for hours, some uncomfortable positions for so long must have affected his young limbs... He abhorred the thought of using his grandson like this and decided to give the boy more free hours in a day to spend with his friends or however he likes.

A few years passed... The boy turned sixteen, and to say he had a marvellous body was like the first line of a long poem about how amazing he was! There was simply not a single pose the sculptor's imagination could devise that his grandson couldn't do.

The sculptor had long given up trying to figure out if it was the ill effect of his work or the boy was a natural miracle. Never before had mount Hardy been such a popular place! Every evening the boy would demonstrate his talent in one of the taverns and every morning he would perform in the town square to share his gift with everybody who passed by.

People from distant kingdoms arrived to look at "the Unbreakable Boy of mount Hardy" and buy a big or small figurine of him as a souvenir to take back home. The sculptor's business flourished just like his grandson's beauty, some other kids tried hard to mimic his abilities, some even became good at it but the sculptor's grandson was by miles ahead. He could stretch his body simply in any imaginable way and to any degree!

But the real magic happened at midnight. The show wasn't for everyone, it was reserved for special clients who bought the most expensive souvenirs, thus proving their interest. This very special show took place at the old man's workshop.

I really wanted to attend that special show but, as a traveler, couldn't afford a large stone piece as I had a long journey ahead. Instead I found something even better...

Apparently the sculptor had refined his skills in many areas over the years. That included jewelry, so I was able to buy a small medallion of an angel in a very flexible star-like pose with his arms and legs straight, but the torso bent backwards so much that the legs were under the armpits. The head of the golden angel was crowned with a diamond that would produce a halo in bright sunlight.

Both of the little figurine's hands and feet had chains attached to them and the angel looked like he's being stretched to the most extremes by these chains that came behind the wearer's neck and behind the waist.

It was the most expensive and also the smallest piece in the shop, but it was also the most beautiful piece of art that ever fit between my muscled pecs. Buying it, I complimented the flexible pose above everything else and was immediately invited for the midnight show.

The workshop was very large, a couple of warm lamps and the pale moonlight coming from the window created a great atmosphere that was further improved by a couple of musicians, a drummer and a flutist. The place wasn't royal but it was cozy and put you in a good mood with all the wood and warm lighting.

To the soft drumming the boy appeared and bowed to us. His gentle smiling face... oh dear, if he ever crossed my way, dressed in a tunic and pretending to be an angel, I wouldn't doubt him at all. That coming from a traveller who did see real angels!

After taking a bow, the Unbreakable Boy did something amazingly flexible with his body that somehow morphed his body into a kneeling position upon the wooden table beside him. It happened almost like a magic spell or something, I couldn't even put in words the movement he did...

From the kneeling position he bent his body backwards, folding his body at the waist so much that he passed his arms and then his head between his own knees. His back folded in half and his knees bent, all by himself he did the tightest and flattest triplefold I've seen in many years.

He made himself look very comfortable in his surreal pose, when two assistants placed a large wooden plate on top of him. The plate was thick and heavy, I doubt that the boy could lift it off the ground by himself and now it was laying on top of his folded body!

Now that was quite a trick! Needless to say I gasped at the sight, I expected something extraordinary when I signed up for this but this still got worried for a second. But the boy only smiled and gave me a wink. I tried to smile but realized the wink wasn't for me, it was for the assistants who were carrying a large block of stone. They nodded and carefully placed it on top of the wooden plate!!

The drumming continued and I almost lost my ability to get surprised after they gradually added three more blocks, evenly distributing them over the wooden plate, then three more blocks on top of them. The back of my mind kept trying to protest a little but overall I was hypnotized by the sight... My only thought was "even if a whole horse fell on him, he would just bounce out like a piece of rubber".

Aside from the heavy wooden plate, I counted a total of seven heavy stone blocks, each of them weighing more than the boy himself. It took two muscled assistants to carry each of these blocks. The only oddity was that according to my calculations, even if the boy's ribcage had the potential to be squished, his skull would definitely be crushed under this much weight. I couldn't sense any magic in the room but there definitely had to be a trick...

I chuckled to myself when another guest whispered to my ear. "Stop trembling so much, the plate and blocks are made of carton." What a relief!

I watched the show to the end, how they removed all the blocks, then the plate, then the boy unbent and bowed to us with his final smile as angelic as when he started. I applauded from the bottom of my heart, after all he was very beautiful, he was genuinely flexible and I admired the jestery, after all it did work and fool me.

I was about to leave mount Hardy and continue my journey, just sharing the last mug with a local friend. She quite admired my new angelic medallion, saying it's a perfect find for my muscled chest (just as I thought!). I immediately took it off and gave it to her as a gift, after all the sculptor's grandson was flexible but his cheating with cardboards made me realized he wasn't really a miracle, just a very talented contortionist like the many I saw over the world on my travels.

She raised a brow and told me to keep the medallion as a memory of this miracle boy because it wasn't cheating in the slightest. Just sometimes when the guests are way too worried they have a special person to tell them it's just carton. In reality that boy's bones are indeed hard as steel, while his joints are flexible like rubber. His body is completely unbreakable and he can do any imaginable pose, while nobody had ever seen a pained grimace on his face.

There was a whole urban legend about it. We ordered a couple of mugs and she told it to me. The beginning I already knew, so I'm going to make it very brief.

Yasha was the grandson that any craftsman grandfather could dream about. He loved spending time in the workshop, helping in every way he could and serving as a living reference for all of his grandfather's sculptures.

The boy was so beautiful that every day the grandfather trembled in fear that he could be kidnapped by gypsies or slavers. He always watched over him playing with other kids and accompanied him on the walks through in the forest.

But one day they had such great luck picking mushrooms for a stew that Yasha lost sight of his grandfather several times and then got completely lost. A few hours later he walked into some cabin deep in the woods. It looked really odd, though he couldn't explain why. It wasn't scary, actually it was funny, it had melons and other huge berries growing around, as well as bananas and other grass.

Yasha liked it a lot, the place seemed very friendly, so he knocked on the cabin's door to see what's inside. A long haired young lady opened the door but the first thing he saw was not her face but her big breasts in front of him that each were bigger than his head.

She was just as surprised and almost died from the cuteness of such adorable boy at her doorstep, immediately let him in, put him in a hot bath tub and fed him melons and mangos.

After Yasha tasted every joy of life a kid could possibly dream of, suddenly a couple of twin boys entered the house, both looking the same age as the lady but they called her 'mom'.

They were panting and sweating from top to toe as if they were lifting heavy rocks for hours. Once they spotted Yasha in the tub, they immediately jumped right in and started fondling him like a toy or some pet animal. Yasha laughed like a kid, it wasn't new or surprising for him, people used to hug and cuddle him all the time and he took a bit of a pride in his own cuteness and enjoyed being treated so nicely by everyone he met.

But those thoughts reminded him of his grandfather and his village. "Sorry, I completely forgot what I wanted to ask when I knocked on your door. You see, I got lost in the woods, so I wanted to ask if you can show me the road back to Mt. Hardy? I live with my grandfather who is a sculptor and he must be really worried right now..." Yasha scratched his head, immediately receiving a playful lick right in his armpit from one of the twins.

"Don't worry, sweetie! We're the master twisters, we can twist everything, even the time and space itself! You can stay here for a whole week with us and we're going to teach you a great deal of wonderful things, but when you return back home your Gramps wouldn't even notice that you ever disappeared. We will place you right behind him at the very second he notices you're gone and shouts your name in the woods!"

Yasha thought these guys were insanely smart, he'd never have thought of such a great plan so quickly! He thought that it wouldn't hurt to stay at this place for so long if he was going to get back into the same place and time where his grandfather had lost him. That would be incredibly convenient indeed!

Meanwhile the kind busty lady wrapped him in a towel and took him to a large bed near a fireplace to relax after the bath. The room was warm but the best of all was the smell. He loved sitting by the fireplace back at home but this smell of heated wood made him feel funny. He felt even more funny when the twins entered the room. It was funny because they were both naked after the bath, they didn't even use towels at all and were still wet. Instead they went to the fireplace to dry up but instead of sitting down they turned to him.

"Hey cutie, bet you will like this!" They made a stance by the fireplace, both looking so naked, wet and funny but so proud of themselves that Yasha giggled. But his eyes widened as one of the twins suddenly bent his body backwards and the other forward, they bent so much that they grabbed themselves by the legs, and then bent so much more that their heads popped between their own legs, but one twin's head went between his own legs from behind and the other's from the front.

Yasha clapped his hands. "Wooow! This is amazing! How can you do that??" But the twins only grinned. "Wait for it! We're not done yet!" And then they almost literally squeezed their shoulders between their own legs, both of them pushed and tightened so much that they both ended up with their thighs in their armpits. They tightened their bends as much as they could, then turned their faces to Yasha. One twin's cheek was against his own crotch, the other's cheek was against his own butt, but their other cheeks were against each other's.

It looked so funny and cute that Yasha melted inside! Looking at such flexible poses made feel so light and soft all of a sudden... As a sculptor's grandson, he surely knew a great deal about good poses but this was waaaay beyond his imagination!

"Hey, we can teach you to do this if you like! It's not as difficult as it looks!" The twins offered and Yasha couldn't think of any objections. If he wanted to get better at posing for his grandfather, he definitely had his luckiest day, running into this cabin in the woods!

The week he spent there was the best and full of surprises. He had never thought that his body had such abilities hidden in it... But Yasha felt he's starting to miss his family, he was also very eager to put some of the flexibility he gained from stretching together with the twins and the lady into the next pose he was going to do for his grandfather...

But he also felt that he was going to miss the twins, the lady and her melon garden, so when they asked if he would like to stay for another week in a few days, he said he would love to visit them as often as possible, but would also love to stay with his grandfather just as often.

The lady said it's very easy. "Just bend backwards, get your head between your legs, touch the back of your head to your crotch, close your eyes and say the magic word: Abendacabenda! Open your eyes and you'll be right in front of our hut. If you want to go back exactly to the time and place where you came from, bend forward, get your head between your legs, put your face on your butt and say: Knotus Hotus!! Open your eyes and you'll be back."

As promised, the twins time-twisted him exactly behind his grandfather's back the moment he shouted Yasha's name in the forest. "Don't worry, I'm here!" Yasha giggled.

Since then Yasha visited the lady and her twin sons almost every day. He learned many other magical tricks and spells, such as the magic words to make his body unbreakable that he used to entertain his special guests.

"Getting squished by a pile of stone blocks had been his favorite because of his love for his grandfather's work and the way each stone block contains a masterpiece within..." my friend concluded her story.

"Hmm. I think I know that lady from the woods, I'll be damned if that's not Melonie and her twin boys Diego and Lucas, I once had the pleasure..." I sipped from my mug. "She didn't want them to compete over silly things all the time, so as little boys she made one a backbend and the other a frontbender. But they trained their bodies so well that they learned to completely mirror their poses even bending in the opposite directions..."

"It is truly interesting what contortionists can do, I'll never get tired of their magic," she nodded.

"Yes! Too bad I have to hurry back to Al-Hedsit, my flying carpet is ready. But I plan to think of some good ideas and revisit Mt. Hardy to give this boy Yasha a real challenge or two."

She smirked. "Something mindblowing that even the Unbreakable Boy would break a sweat?"


Nice to meet a nice witch in the forest. And Melonie´s Magic is so useful besides looking beautiful. That begs the question, if Yasha backbends so much during a performance, does he teleport to the hut and takes a rest there? Does he rapidly teleport back and forth, and the audience doesn´t notice? Maybe there is a short time of invulnerability after a teleportation, like in some videogames when you respawn, and that is his secret.
Holy cow! I love this one! Anything with Yasha is always a massive hit with me! The idea of contortion with weight on them, or in a small space, drives me crazy! Same, squishy bodies give me a comforting feeling, but here I think the only flaw is the head that doesn't look very comfortable, but since he's under a magical spell I hope it feels good anyway.

I'm also very happy that you like Yasha, he always been more like a casual guy from my "real world" but hope he'll have more adventures now that he moved to Mt. Hardy in my fantasy world. Just need to move his boyfriend Andrzej as well, was just thinking of making his fantasy version a sexy demon with ram's horns like here 😏
Esto merece un video... no solo por la flexibilidad... sino por la fuerza y resistencia de soportar el peso... de como el cuerpo se adapta en esa pose , fantastico.
This deserves a video... not only for the flexibility... but for the strength and resistance of bearing the weight... of how the body adapts in that pose, fantastic.
Me alegro de que te haya gustado! Sí, estoy de acuerdo en que un video sería genial para verlo aplastado cada vez más hasta que es difícil de creer... pero los videos son tan difíciles de hacer...
Very glad you liked it! Yeah I agree a video would be great to see him squished more and more until it's hard to believe... but videos are so hard to make...
You are a really good storyteller, Yuni!
To be continued... Very good!! Thank you! 😊
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