Tomb of Isolation ⚰️

Kinda tried to make a new version of the old pic of my necroromancer Lichard Tombson :3

As I mentioned in the past, he is a lich, a magical undead creature who can't eat normal food. But liches normally look not much prettier than zombies, what does make him look actually kind of attractive, in his own way?

Well, liches can still digest magical food. Lichard for one does possess a small garden of Apples of Youth, which apparently makes the consumer more youthful. I guess that's also the reason why his fortress is so often attacked by "heroes" who want to lay their unwashed hands on the precious Apples.

The brave and stupid, of course, end up in the dungeon as slaves or they make beautiful petrified sculptures, contorted by magic in all sorts of ways before they take their final shape to be immortalized in stone. Maybe I'll show it some other time...