Time flies, gosh

I drew this many years ago but I didn't finish the background so I didn't post it, then after a few years I finished the background but forgot to post it, and now after another few years I'm finally posting this XD Yes I'm a snail... so bendy but so so slow ;o;

It was the Julian's 19th birthday. Although he was the local count's son, he was hopelessly in love with Matthew, a simple son of the local innkeeper. It was a love from the first sight and that first sight was way too delicious to forget.

Julian was so enamoured with this farmer boy that he gave him a room in the count's mansion, bought him nice clothes that he could use while staying in the mansion. He was welcome at the count's house any day and was even paid well for performing at various parties.

Matthew decided to give something back to Julian and for his birthday he welcomed the count's son himself to spend some time in the village, take a bath together and then Matthew promised to show a very, very special pose that he can do only after a good hot bath and only with the help of his dad.

After swimming in the lake and taking a good bath, the boys gathered at Matthew's favorite training spot in the backyard of his dad's tavern.
Mr. Eugene Mills, Matthew's dad, was very proud to have such a high guest as the count's son, so he did his best to represent the life in the village in the brightest and most romantic way possible, as well as to give his own son, Matthew, such a good warm up that Matthew even got a little worried because his dad was obviously overdoing it, but eventually he was pushed into the deepest backbend probably since the time when Matthew was 10. It felt so tense, but so, so nostalgic...

"Oh boy, how long have you been training to do this?"

"Uhh, let me think..." Matthew gasped, letting some air into his stretched chest, "It's my twelveth year I think," to his very surprise he even managed to meet Julian's eyes from this position.

"That's... the most elegant and delicate thing I saw in my whole life, my friend. And believe me, Matthew, when I tell you I saw a lot of beautiful things during my studies in the Capital! I saw hundreds of antique sculptures and pretty much all of the painting collections in all of the Capital's art museums but I've never seen such a heavenly shape! You, my friend, are such a diamond... in the mud. Haha!"

"Huh, thanks." Matthew didn't know that idiom, neither did his dad, so they weren't sure how to respond to the "mud" part. But Matthew was sure his noble friend didn't mean anything bad by that and it was one of his... figures of speech that Matthew had yet to learn.

Anyways, Julian is always way too kind to Matthew ^__^;; But he's probably being honest, too. Like he once joked, in the world there are three things that he could watch forever: fire burning, water falling, and the boy bending XD

Well, I just hope they will stay together for many years, such a sweet couple! ^-^

What do you think? 😄
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