🎄 The Witchboy of Fungaard

I got a comment asking if you could see a full picture of the boy I made for the site's banner, and I thought that was a fantastic idea! So here it is – an extended edition and some infos on his surroundings 😜

If you're planning on venturing into the twisted forest of Fungaard, you better be prepared for some weird mutations that can mess with your body and leave you trapped inside for who knows how long. But don't worry, you can almost always spot a hut somewhere at the border of the forest where you can find a witch who knows his way around this place like the back of his hand.

He'll guide you through the forest safely and also sell you some mushrooms that could help in a lot of ways during those intimate moments *wink wink*. So if you're feeling brave (or just really need some of those mushrooms), head on over to the witch's hut and see what he has in store for you. Just remember, Fungaard is not for the faint of heart, so be prepared for anything!

🍄 🍄 🍄

"Whoa, a whole keg of lube? That sounds like one wild party!" The witch boy let out a huffy "hmph" and plopped down to rest for a bit.

His grey eyes looked a bit tired after collecting his third basket of mushrooms for the day. Suddenly he spotted another boy in the distance by the lake. He had seen a lot of strange things in Fungaard, but he never saw anyone like this cutie before.

The slender guy wearing nothing but a white leotard with a hood on top looked overly confident, like he didn't know about the dangers of this place or maybe he was powerful enough to resist them. The witch boy couldn't help but notice the sexy bulge at the base of that white leotard. Maybe he needed some assistance?

🍄 🍄 🍄

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" The witch boy said as he approached the stranger. "You're not from around here are you? I don't think I've ever seen someone like you before."

Upon closer inspection, the boy's high-cut white leotard was pretty sheer with all these fancy designs on it, only the crotch and the hood were made of a less transparent material.

His shapes were like a work of art and he wasn't shy about showing it off either. Sure, Fungaard hardly counted as walking in public. Only certain people could walk through here without getting into trouble – mainly witches, mages and elves. So who knows what he is? Maybe some kind of mage or something?

The cutie smiled and removed his hood, revealing a handsome face with piercing green eyes. "No, I'm not from around here," he said. "I came to this land looking for adventure and danger. And I seem to have found it in this weird forest..."

The witch boy raised an eyebrow, intrigued by the stranger's boldness. "Well, you certainly seem confident enough. But be careful in this place, not everyone is as friendly as me."

"I get it," the cutie said with a nod. "But I can handle myself. You seem like just a village boy picking mushrooms?" He looked at the large basket in the witch boy's hands.

The witch boy smirked and put his other hand on his hip. "Oh, I'm more than just a simple village boy," he said with a hint of sarcasm. "I'm a witch! And these mushrooms? They're for a special lubrication potion..."

The cutie's eyes widened in surprise. "A whole bucket of lube?" he asked, incredulous. "And it's all for you!?"

"What? No! It's for a client! I just deliver the potion and move on to the next job."

🍄 🍄 🍄

The cutie looked skeptical, but intrigued. "So you're saying that this potion is like... a magic lube? That sounds too good to be true."

"Well, it's not exactly magic," the witch boy said with a shrug. "More like alchemy. But it does make intimate moments much more enjoyable. And trust me, I know what I'm talking about."

The cutie raised an eyebrow and leaned in closer. "So how does it work?" he asked, his voice low and conspiratorial.

"It's simple," the witch boy said with a grin. "You just apply a small amount to the desired area, and voila! Instant pleasure."

The cutie looked thoughtful for a moment before nodding in agreement. "Alright, I believe you. And if it really works as well as you say it does, I'd love to try some of this magic lube."

"Great!" the witch boy said with a smile. "I have just the thing. Follow m-... I mean... Wait a minute! It's not free. Do you have any money on you because I don't see any pockets or a purse."

"Ha! Money? Please. You know there are things much more precious than that!"

🍄 🍄 🍄

The witch boy's eyes narrowed as he looked at the cutie, trying to gauge if he was serious or not. "Well, I don't know about that," he said, sounding a bit skeptical. "I have to make a living somehow."

"Oh come on, I may not have a purse but I'm sure you can find something worth trading for on me," the cutie replied with a wink. "I mean, just look at me! I'm irresistible!"

The witch boy couldn't help but chuckle at the cutie's confidence. "Well, I suppose you are pretty cute," he said, smiling. "But I still can't just give away my product for free."

"Fine, how about this?" the cutie suggested, his eyes gleaming with mischief. "I'll give you a little... demonstration of my skills in return for some of that magic lube."

The witch boy raised an eyebrow, intrigued by the offer. "Go on," he said, gesturing for the cutie to proceed.

The cutie grinned and stepped closer to the witch boy, his body pressed up against him in a way that made the witch boy's heart race. "See, this is what I can do with my tongue," he whispered, as he wrapped it around the witch boy's earlobe and gave it a gentle tug.

The witch boy gasped at the sensation, feeling his body respond in ways he hadn't expected. He found himself wanting to give in to the cutie's request, but he knew he couldn't let his guard down completely.

He suddenly felt the cutie's hand grabbing his hand and pressing it straight on the bulge at the base of his white leotard. "This is the only 'purse' I have on me but feel free to take as much as you want..."

The witch boy gasped as his basket fell on the grass. "Ah- alright, you've convinced me," he said, smiling. "But just a little bit of the lube, okay?"

The cutie grinned and nodded, his eyes sparkling with excitement. "Thank you, thank you!"

The witch boy smirked. "It's in my hut, though. But it's not far... Follow me."

🍄 🍄 🍄

He couldn't help but smile, feeling a sense of anticipation building within him after his own words.

The cutie grinned mischievously as if he could read the witch boy's thoughts. "You know, I have a feeling we're going to have a lot of fun together," he said, his eyes sparkling with excitement.

As they walked, the witch boy couldn't help but feel a bit flustered by the cutie's boldness. He had never met someone like him before and he found himself intrigued by his forwardness. The other boy seemed to sense this and kept ahold of the witch boy's hand as they navigated through the twisted trees.

(To be continued?...)

What do you think? 😄
Hahahahaaaa! I knew you will get better with this tool, few others (not at all majority!) acted like you can't do mistake here and there and your creations must be perfect even if you only learning. But you are doing one magnificent image after another now!
And If I may say story is so naturaly flowing this time too, loved part with ear and tongue and cant wait continuation! Huray!!! You are on fire again :)
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Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement! I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. It really means a lot to me that you took the time to leave such a great comment, especially since this work seems to have flown under everyone's radar again... Your words made me feel a bit better. Read more
I fell in love with him at first sight when I saw the banner, and the full body version is just breathtaking! Read more
Thank you so much! I'm very happy that you enjoyed the full version, it took me an extremely long time to make this picture and I'm very happy to receive at least a few comments on it after all... Read more
... OMG ist das schön im Märchenwald und wird spannend in der Hütte ...
geniale Geschichte mit so verführerischen Gestalten , Danke für Deine Phantasie und Illustration
die Fortsetzung wird mit "magischem Gleitmittel" erwartet, sicher
... OMG it's beautiful in the fairytale forest and gets exciting in the hut ...
brilliant story with such seductive characters, thanks for your imagination and illustration
the sequel is expected with "magic lube", for sure Read more
OMG, ich bin so froh, dass dir meine Geschichte gefallen hat! Es hat mir viel Spaß gemacht, über diesen geheimnisvollen Wald zu schreiben, und ich bin begeistert, dass es Ihnen gefallen hat. Aber ehrlich gesagt musste ich die Geschichte beenden, weil sich das Bild zu sicher anfühlte und nicht zu der dampfenden Atmosphäre passte, in die die Geschichte gehen sollte. Also ja, wir brauchen definitiv ein heißeres Fortsetzungsbild, das zu den wilden Abenteuern in dieser Hütte passt! Bringt Hitze! 🔥🍆🔥
OMG, I'm so glad you liked my story! I had a blast writing about that mysterious forest and I'm thrilled you enjoyed it. But honestly, I had to end the story because the picture was starting to feel too safe and it wasn't matching the steamy vibes of where the story was headed. So yeah, we definitely need a hotter sequel picture to match the wild adventures in that hut! Bring on the heat! Read more
I was so happy when you added such nice images. Was saying myself, that there be lot honest positive comments. Maybe it is all that summer time, lot sunshine and people not being on PC. I found out that on smartphones people rarely really comment. Maximum are short replies in messengers and so :/
But as I go, this image including story is really great and second to none.
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I think people who aren't on their PC during the summer are probably not using it much the rest of the year either. They're more into backpacking, traveling, and other outdoor activities than spending time online. And that's totally fine, but let's just admit that they're shallow compared to the intellectuals who actually use the internet for something more than Instagram posts about how they hugged another tree, who read books other than books on dieting and self-help, watch the movies they actually like, not the latest American crap about celebrities cosplaying superheroes, and play video games on consoles and computers, not on phones. Although you never know, people are changing these days and many had to leave their bubbles after 2020 and the world keeps changing to the worse...

The reason this picture went below most radars, well, maybe it's just not skin-tastic enough for some folks! There's no contortion or other kinky stuff, and the face is pretty chill. It's hard to know what to say about it, you know? Maybe that's why it didn't catch people's attention as much.

But I wanted to share it because I thought it's pretty funny. It's like an almost family-friendly portrait, but then suddenly there's this sexy belly in the middle of it all. I mean, even picking mushrooms in the forest can't be done without turning up the heat in Yunia! It's like everything is just so darn sexy over there :D

I bet if this pic popped up on the internet back in 2003, it would've been all over the place with its intricate clothes and beautiful detailed forest behind a pretty boy. But nowadays, people just scroll right past it like it's no big deal. It's kind of sad, you know? Like we're already living in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies instead of real humans and it didn't take a nuclear bomb to melt everyone's brains, just a couple of well-known corpos. But hey, that's what makes people like Shifty and others who still comment so special. They're like survivors fighting to keep the world a good place :D Read more
Der Hexenjunge von Fungaard schaut dir bei der Arbeit zu und... :
"Yuni ich hab`Dich lieb"
The witch boy from Fungaard watches you at work and... :
"Yuni I love you" Read more
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Just dropping by to let you know how much I love this illustration. You leveled up so much. C'est si impressionnant ! ♥ Read more
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