The Wasp Boy's Secret

Jimmy Hoods has been known as the boy with the smallest waist in the world ever since the 1930s! Even today, Jimmy keeps this title and he's as youthful as ever... but how is that possible? Is he an immortal vampire!?


His secret is simple: ever since the original Jim Hoods became popular, he had to do so many public appearances that he eventually hired a similar-looking boy and used his know-how techniques to train him to be as miraculously wasp-like as himself. And then a second boy. And then it became a profitable business that lasts until today :3

But of course, not anybody could become a Jim Hoods double, there have been many who tried to steal Jim's business and sent to him boys for training, but somehow none of them met some super secret criteria only known to Jim and his trustees.

p.s. Now that explains why his face sometimes looks a bit different in different pictures! XD