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The Twin Win

A regular sixth grader finds a magical medallion that pulls him into a whole new world of identical twins, contortionists and unitards!

This is a fanart I did for this adorable story written by Curious4ever.

David wakes up to a dream-like world where instead of shorts and t-shirts most boys wear colorful full body unitards, and instead of fancying things like soccer or baseball, the most popular physical activity there is contortion. Boys simply adore contortion and embrace it as the most ordinary practice to stay healthy and fit.

The story was illustrated by Barry Blair, so I based these outfits on his designs:

If you're curious to read the story, here are the direct links:

Double Trouble part 1
Double Trouble part 2
Double Trouble 2 part 1
and More...

Hope you like! :3 You can also find this work here:


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