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The best dancer in Beltimore has to live up to his high rank! Dancing star Sergio answers some questions for Daily Bend Magazine and shows us what he can do!

Q: Just how hard you need to train to always stay on top of the rankings!

Sergio: Well, I have three coaches, the best ones in Beltimore, and sometimes we gather in a cafe to talk about what other extreme things my body could be trained for. Sometimes it's almost like a medical concilium! "No, he couldn't fold in half backwards with the belt so tight, that's anatomically impossible!" -- "Actually, it's impossible for an average person but Sergio's been waist-training since birth and his internals developed quite differently..."

Q: That's what everybody's been talking about, your body must be as inhuman inside as it looks on the outside!

S: Don't want to be "inhuman" or anything but it's really funny they have this map of my internal organs and they open a laptop to show me how my organs shifted in more 'convenient' positions over the last few months thanks to the new effective massage technique. It's pretty crazy how the human body can be reworked to perfection!

Q: I know you practically work 24/7 on your body. Would you show us some of these hard-to-believe things you can do?

S: Certainly, ma'am. I believe we already agreed on that so I've been stretching this entire morning...

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