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The Story of Jack Pill

Jack despite his relatively young age is a big criminal figure in London, but very few of even his closest fellows know the story of Jack's own figure, and that he was used to be a sideshow artist in a bizarre freak circus where people did all kinds of painful things to earn a penny. There he was good friends with a man named Isaac, better known as Silver, who was also an artist whose "talent" was to pierce his flesh with many long rapiers in the most vital places.

Jack himself "specialized" in bearing the tightest constrictions of his waist, it was something that the circus director wanted him to do and Jack had to do it in fear of being tossed into the street to die of starvation. Not that he wasn't starving either way, the director wanted him to be "a boy with the thinnest waist". In the latest shows of his circus career, his assistant would loop a rope around Jack's waist and tie it to a horse that would be slowly walked away to tighten Jack's oiled up waist until the horse couldn't move any further. But one day some moron from the crowd scared the horse on purpose and it almost completely sliced Jack in two pieces. He had to lie in bed for several weeks and his waist was scarred for life.

During his stay in bed, the circus director kept visiting him every day, insisting that Jack must get back on stage as soon as possible. Jack's condition was still very poor but the director was really persistent... So Jack's friend, Silver, talked Jack into an escape plan, saying that he knew a criminal who was in some sort of a dept to Silver. Once the plan was settled, Silver caused a major havoc in the circus camp, while the criminal helped Jack to escape...

Thus Jack became an errand boy for the criminals but the criminal lifestyle let his natural charisma flourish very quickly and he soon became more like a crime prince whose duty was to walk around factories and other businesses, offering to various rich men the protection of his "organization".

The years spent in the freak circus gave Jack that serious, sick facial expression which worked so well to scare the businessmen immediately, even though he wasn't even twenty yet! He looked like a serious and frightening criminal in a young man's body but perhaps only two or three people in the whole world knew who he was used to be in the past and what he suffered through to obtain this menacing expression...

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