The Starfish

This sacred technique directly from Patrick Star's ancestors will help to pull yourself together and more!

Patrick: Today, SpongeBob, I'm gonna teach you how to do the Starfish. This sacred technique that I learned from my ancestors is useful whenever you feel out of shape mentally or physically. Now, watch close and repeat. First, spread your legs, get stable and reconnect with the earth, then spread your arms so wide as if you were to embrace the whole world. Breathe slowly with your stomach and arch backwards until you get a series of nice cracks along your spine...

SpongeBob: Patrick, this is weird, I'm trying as much as I can but still no cracks to be heard...

Patrick: You sure you bend far enough... oh, nevermind.

Not called Sponge for nothing XD

What do you think? 😄
I'd almost forgotten about this one!

I may be misinterpreting it, but I get the feeling that Sponge is showing off and trying to get Patrick to join. Patrick is like, "This is as close as I will ever get, this is boring, let's go..." and then he spots the pouch and decides maybe he can get into this.

I love that he's the "smart" one here. The way you've made your Sponge in the various pics, I get the feeling that he couldn't seduce a pervert. He's just too dumb and naive. And, like Patrick, I just want to get him dirty.
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