The Sound of Spineless

Today's life hack from Simon!

Is it possible to get a really small waist without belts and corsets?? Yes! All you will need is a chair with arms and some good music... Guess we can call him Count Tortion from now on XD

"Hello darkness my old friend
I've turned to look at you again
And then I turned 360 degrees
My bowels feel like Transylvanian cheese

And you can hear
All the soft cracks along my spine
Still it's fine
It's just the sound of spineless

In my chair I twist around
More and more without a frown
'Neath the halo of a night light lamp
It's so dark but then I am a vamp
I may suck
But then I swear that I don't bite
So hold me tight
Let's make the sound of spineless"


Original song by Simon and Garfunkel :3

What do you think? 😄
I am in love with this artwork, it's so gorgeous, I can't express it enough... everything from the way the light bounces off his little chest, the subtle ambient light along his back and thighs, his little mischievious smile to how you stylized the eyes is beautiful!! I've been literally staring at this trying to extract some art wisdom from it (and it helps that Simon suuuure is a sight for sore eyes as well! 😉 I'm just studying his beautiful form, I swear...!) Playing with completely unrealistic fantasies and poses is always so fun as well. Him and the Lich could wrap their waists around each other for sure. You are really the master of contortion artwork. :3 <3 - Ciyu Read more
Thank you so much Ciyu! I'm very happy that you enjoy my playing with these poses and fantasies and that you find beauty in these (de-)forms!

Him and Lichard sure are creatures of the same tier, I'd love to see them together someday, specially that both of them have vague boyfriends, both have boyfriends only mentioned in texts and whom I didn't have much interest to explore further. Maybe Simon and Lichard were destined for each other, so side-boyfriends don't stick to them, hehe... 😏 Read more
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